Chapter Nine.

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As I stood outside his door, I could hear the familiar sounds of a bass guitar tuning up booming through the thin walls. For some reason, I was eager to get a better hear. I knocked on the door marked 301B three times. Before I could even pull my hand away, a petite girl with dirty blonde hair opened it.

"Hey! You here for the party?" I was a little taken aback. There were jewels stuck on her face and glitter paint smeared over the cleavage peaking out from her dress.

I nodded and she pulled me in, shutting the door behind us. The first thing I noticed was the familiar smell of marijuana. The second was an open circle of guys with guitars sitting in a corner of the room. Brad was among them.

"I'm Lily." I could already tell that Lily was a lot of fun. "You must be Danielle?" she wiggled her eyebrows and I nodded. "Brad said a lot about you," she said, winking. Before I could demand to know what he said, she grabbed my hand again.

"Here, I'll show you around, follow me." she said, leading me to a group of girls sitting cross legged around a mirror. They had the glitter and jewels in the center of them that Lily was sporting.

"Hey guys, this is Danielle."

"Hey Danielle," a redheaded girl with striking green eyes greeted, smiling. "I'm Rachel," She motioned me over and I crouched next to her. Rachel peeled a sticky jewel off of a sheet of plastic and stuck it between my eyebrows.

"Thanks Rachel," I said, smiling. I already felt more at peace and I hadn't even smoked a joint yet.

"Hi, I'm Mackenzie," a girl with curly dark brown hair said, grabbing my attention. Her eyes were lightly tinged red and so were her cheeks. "Here," she said, putting two matching jewels in the corner of my eyes.

"Thank you, I haven't felt this much love in a while." Mackenzie smiled at me as another girl grabbed my hand.

Her eyes were the same grey as Xavier's and her chocolate brown hair matched his. Except instead of loose thick locks, her hair was dreaded and she had a septum piercing. She smiled at me. "Mary Jane," she said, shaking my hand. "I was named after my mom," she laughed lightly and grabbed the glitter paint from Lily.

"You don't happen to have a brother, do you?" I asked, as she started to paint my chest and arms.

"Yeah, I'm a twin." She said, nodding.

"Xavier? Is his name Xavier?"

"Yeah! Do you know him?"

"Uh, not really no." I lied. "He's my college professor. You guys just look, like really similar."

She smiled sadly seeming almost disappointed that I didn't know him. There were other girls sitting in the group, but we weren't introduced because Lily was pulling me away again.

"C'mon you haven't even met half the gang yet." She said exasperatedly, tugging my arm.

"It was lovely to meet you all," I called out as I was pulled into another group of not only girls this time.

"Steve," Lily greeted excitedly, kissing a tall dark skinned, long haired man on the lips quickly.

"Lily," he said slowly, with almost as much enthusiasm. I noticed his eyes were also tinged red.

"This is Danielle, she's new." Steve smiled at me and held out his arms, asking for a hug. I decided to just go for it and let his arms swallow me. He smelled strongly of herb and cologne. Not a bad mixture.

"Welcome," he said, smiling.

Lily quickly moved on and turned me towards a barefooted, bare-chested blonde man with long wild dreadlocks. He was beautiful and I wondered for a moment how I got the chance to meet these wonderful people.

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