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Katie's P.O.V

I made sure to keep an eye out for Jordan when I got to school, but didn't see him.I kept looking until I heard the first period bell

ring.Sighing, I returned to class and collapsed in my desk just as coach Campbell came into the

room."Bones,"He said as he passed by me,"Why aren't you reading? I usually have to beg you to stop.Now you look like I need to give you a book.What's wrong?"I shook my head and said,"Nothing.I just realized that this'll be a long day."He started to reply just as Jordan walked in.

Jordan's P.O.V

"Where are you?"Coach Campbell asked as I sat down at my desk."I-I woke up late."I replied turning away as Katie looked back at me.She had a look on her face that seemed to

say,"You seem really sad.What happened?"Before I could say something hateful to make her turn around, coach Campbell walked to the front of the room and clapped his hands to get our attention."I thought of a pretty interesting project for you guys after school yesterday,"He said as he handed a stack of papers to everyone on the front row,"I'm gonna put you into groups of two and your gonna make your own math

book.Your gonna start on it this class period and it must include the vocabulary on the paper I just passed out.Now does anyone have any questions?"A girl on the front row raised her hand and said,"Can't we just work alone?"Coach shook his head and said,"No.I want you working with another person.Now it's time for me to pick who that is."I tuned out until I heard coach

say,"Jordan,you and Katie will be working together."Damn

it.Apparently this day could get worse...

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