The rain hit the cement and the street lamps cast dim pools of light. A stranger lurked in the shadows circling me. I was the prey, he was the predator. The stranger steeped out of the shadow to reveal a matted coat, large fangs and night black eyes. Advancing closer he sent out a menacing snarl. As he picked up speed I tried to scream but my vocal cords refused to work. The wolf was 10ft away, 9ft, 8ft. I desperately reached for something I could fight it off with, coming up empty handed. He was now so close, reaching out with his gleaming claws ready to swipe. He missed. Tripping over himself he fell to the side of me. Then I ran. My feet slapped the pavement with the rhythm of my racing heart. Everywhere I turned was a dead end. I was lost in a labyrinth of fear. Backed up against a wall I could hear the wolf's growls as he rounded the corner.

Foolish girl laughed the wolf wickedly. I knew that voice. It was Austin's. Now you have nowhere to run. He inched closer. You shall now pay the price for trying to outsmart me. Covering my eyes I waited for the sharp fangs to dig into my flesh. It was all over...

I woke up with a gasp, my alarm beeping away. After hitting the off button and slowing down my breathing I made my way to the bathroom. The girl in the mirror was not what I'd expect for a just turned 18 year old. She was pale skinned although she lived in Arizona, the freckles on her face clearly standing out and her stringy brown hair was unkept and in need of a cut.

"Katy!" My foster father yelled from the other side of the door, "Get a move on we don't have all day" I sighed.

While every other teenager in the world was out at the movies with friends or on a date with the cute boy from history class or just happy that it was saturday and the week was over, saturday was another day in my tiring life.

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