Chapter 8~

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while we were walking on the beach, all i was thinking about was justin! until BOOM niall stopped and stood in front of me, he began to lean forward and thats when our lips touched, well i had butterflies in my stomach but it wasn't like justin's kiss ! when justin kissed me i didn't just have butterflies i felt FIREWORKS! but i still liked this one, my hands hugged his neck as he pushed my waist that i both of our bodies touched, his touch felt amazing, we both smiled through the kiss, but it felt kinda wrong.....


scooter: good i guess thats enough for today, thanks justin, thx selena

i sighed a sigh of relief, i'm really tired! i cant wait to go home and call 'yn' !

scooter: justin can i talk to u for a sec?

me: sure

we went into my dressing room! he sat on my couch as i removed my shirt and grabbed a bottle of water, i took a sip of water

scooter: look justin, we need u to fake date selena

me: what?

i said spitting some of the water on the floor who cares right now

me: dude, i C-A-N-N-O-T fake date my friend

scooter: look we HAVE to do it, her manager asks us that so people can get to listen to her albums more and that .........

me: i dont know...

scooter: c'mon bro, do it only for one year and then stop

me: 1 YEAR ?!

o shouted in his face! WTF?? he must be like dreaming, one year! i could like be with the one i truly love yb, not faking one year out of my entire life just for carrer i mean u only live once right? and beside she's like my friend ! i dont like her in that way !

me: im sorry but i cant, i just don't want

scooter: why? give me one reason

me; because i love someone !

scooter: that's not an excuse


i screamed in his face and walked out of the room as the door shut with a loud noise coming from behind! i hate when people tell me what to do i mean even though you signed me doesnt mean u bought me, i have my own life, i just didn't know what to do, i needed to talk to someone!


after we kissed, it didn't feel right

me: um.. im sorry i need to go

niall: wait...can i have ur number?

me: here u go *tells number*

niall: thanks *smile*

i just didn't know what happened i just need a warm shower right now, i went straight home and took a shower then i went downstairs and watched tv... after like few minutes i hear the dorrbell, who could it be, i opened the door to find justin

me: hey *smile*

justin: can i come in

me: sure

he was disappointed whats wrong? we both sat on the couch and all he did was look at the ground

justin: i just wanted to talk with someone and u were the only one that popped on my mind

i smiled at that thought

me: well here i am, what's wrong?

he put his hand between his hair and sighed

justin; scooter is making me, fake date selena?

me: *gulped* *shocked* w-what do u think about that?

justin: well i dont want to, i just like selena as a friend u know? i mean i dont want to fake it for my fans, they mean everything to me and i dont want to disappoint them...

i nodded to sat i undertood

justin: can u help me please?

me: um.. well the only way to get rid of a fke girlfriend is to get a real one...........

i said that trying to get the idea of 'i love u' into his head, but no clue..., he looked t me with confusion, i sighed

me: i meant that if u had a girlfriend u know scooter wouldnt give u that option u know,........

justin: yeeah but i already got my eye on one but im not sure she likes me back u know

me: well if u trully love her just go up to her and tell her im sure she'll love u back, ur sweeet, kind talented, nd handsome what else do u need to attract a girl

justin: *smiles* really? u think so?

me: *nodd* yeah totally

justin: thanks :D

me: ur welcome ! now get that girl and show her what guy she's been waiting for

i said that in the wayz people in movies does , he laughed and kissed my cheeks

me: but most of all i want all the deatailss

and stood up and headed for the door and thats when he left to get the girl he likes, well all i know is that its not me, i sighed! well yh i was sad but i was also happy for him, what can do? i  layed on the couch and stared at the sceiling, looking at 'imaginary' movies of the days me and justin spent together! thats the first time i fall for a guy and he accually catches me without checking my pockets for money! yeah well thats hard

i heard the door bell i opened it to find bunch of roses! i wondered from who r these? i looked around but i find noone! so i entered but before i was able to close my door i heard guitaar with singing! i went out to find justin ! i smiled so i guess im that girl

me: come in lover boy the papparazzy are right behind u

justin: i dont care! i want the whole world to know THAT I AM IN LOVE WITH YN YFN

i laughed and smiled he was amazing and started singing his unrealeast yet song as long as u love me wich was supposed to be realeased after 2 days ♥

'as long as u love me we could be starving, we could be homeless, we could be broke,.............'

i blushed, he is amazing, well he was really cute, well i guess thats why=at i can see from him thanks to the flashing light that is almost gonna remove my eye out and stich it back in! justin finished the soong and came closer to me he looked me straight into the eyes and thats when paparazy ruined the moments


and i guess he did what he was told! he smashed his beautiful lips on mine!

justin: will u be my girlfriend?

me: yes *smile*

he carried me the roses still in my hand and twirled me around...

let me tell u this was an unforgettable moment for me .... it was magical..... amazing......awsome....romantic.... SWAGGY

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