Taylor's P.O.V.

 I woke up today remembering today the girls are coming. I got up fast and took a shower. I picked out clothes and put them on.

I ran down the stairs and outside. I saw Zayn and Niall in the car. I hopped in and sat in my sit.

"Lets go lover boys" I said

"We are not lover boys" Zayn shouted

"Yes you guys are" I said I say with a giggle

We get to the airport and I hop out of the car, and ran through the doors. Their plane just landed. I soon I fell to the floor.

I look up and saw three of the girls.

"Lola, Adrie, Lexi" I say

"Tay" they shout

"Dianna" I say

"Taylor" she said giving me a hug

"Girls you remember Zayn and my brother Niall" I say

"Yeah I remember Zayn" Adrienne mumbles as Ana mumbles the same thing but about Niall.

"Boys meet Alexis but call her Lexi, she hates Aleixs" I say

"Nice to meet you" the two older boys say

"You too" she says back

"Lets go" I say pulling Ana and Lexi with me

We get into the car and go home. The other boys were on the couch.

"Babe" I yelled jumping on Louis

"Yeah?" he asks

"Nothing" I say smashing my lips to his.

Someone cleared their throats and made us jump apart. I see Niall looking at us. I blushed and look at my hands.

"Lexi come here" I yell

"Coming babe" she yells back

"She calls you babe?" Liam asks

"Yeah I call her that to sometimes" I say answering his question

"Ok" he said

"What Tay?" Lexi asked

"I want you to meet Liam, Louis, and Harry. Louis is my boyfriend, Liam is now single and Harry is waiting on Rydel" I said making Harry blush

"Boo Bear make her stop" Harry whines to Louis

"Nah, I love it when she makes you blush Pumpkin" Louis says making him blush more

Lexi seems to caught Liam's eye. Lexi doesn't seem to care. I know she likes Rocky, but Rocky doesn't like her back. She should gave it a go with Liam. All I know is that this is going to the best summer ever!!

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