Short Story #4

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 Hacked (short story #4)

“Eric Get Out Of My Room!!” I yelled and pushed him out of my room. “ But Dad said you have to keep the door open when Justin’s over!” Justin started bursting out laughing, “Ahahaha you have to keep the door open when boys are here, hahaha!” “Shut up Justin, no one asked you.” I said sarcastically, and then slammed the door in Eric’s face. “Now, back to what we were doing before” I smirked. Justin grabbed my waist and pulled me closer, his face inches away from mine. All of my body support in his arms. Then the door was slammed opened, Justin was so surprised he let me go, and I landed on the floor. “ Hey Anna! What did I tell you about the door when boys are over!” My dad said trying to be intimidating. Justin was just staring at me on the floor with his mouth dropped. “Oh my, Anna what are you doing on the floor?” I turned my head to my dad, “Oh I’m just chillin’ like a villain, WHAT DO YOU THINK I’M DOING ON THE FLOOR, I FELL!!!” my dad just nodded his head and walked away.  Justin helped me up from the floor. “Sorry I didn’t mean to drop you.” Justin wined.  “It’s okay Justin, I’m just so mad, Eric is worst twin ever.” “Oh come here and cuddle with me, forget your brother.”

            I laid in Justin arms, and he rubbed my back. I buried my face into his chest and put my arms around him. After awhile I fell asleep.  When I woke up I was still in Justin’s arms, so I looked at the time and it was midnight! “Justin! Justin! Wake up!” I whispered. He jumped. “What? Babe what’ s wrong?” he moaned.” It’s 12:00am and your still here?!” “ oh yeah I forgot to tell you… I can sleepover.” I looked at him and smiled, he kissed me and we went back to sleep.

            “Babe wake up,  your dad is making breakfast.” “Oh what kind of breakfast?” “eggs and waffles, your favorite.” 

no famous people in this one...but i think this is so cute!! this might be continued in a later chapter... who knows?? *evil laugh*

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