By this time I’m used to it

  The week passes in an enjoyable blur and before I know it, it’s Thursday. Kian has been driving me to school and even there he’s strangely affectionate but by this time I seem to be used to it. He comes to my classroom during lunch and when everyone’s gone we sit in there alone and just eat. Sometimes we talk but other times it’s comfortably silent.

  “I don’t trust him as far as I can throw him, he keeps looking at you Chase, it pisses me off and I told him if he even tried anything I would beat the shit out of him, little fucker thinks he can-“

  I softly pat Kian’s arm “calm down”

  He angrily bites into a carrot “I’m just trying to look out for you Chase”

  “And I’m thankful, but stop getting so fired up. I’m a big girl you don’t need to constantly worry over me”

  “I worry because I care”

  It’s the first time he’s ever said anything like that and I feel myself blush a little

  “Pass me a carrot Kian”

  When school is out I find myself standing in the bathroom next to Kian, we’re washing our faces in the two sinks and he asks me why I haven’t worn makeup to school all week

  “It’s not that it’s a big deal and I’m not saying that you look any different but I just know you used to be so…stressed if you didn’t have your makeup all perfect” Kian says

  And it was true, in the past I had fought Kian over the bathroom all in the name of having enough light to put my makeup on. Lately I hadn’t even touched my makeup at all.

  Although there wasn’t a real stark difference, according to Kian the absence of my glossy lips was apparently noticeable

  “I just realized that the makeup I wore wasn’t flattering on me” is all I say

  “What do you mean? It looked fine”

  “No it didn’t, I looked like a clown” I snapped

  He looks taken back, and then he sets down the comb he was holding and takes me into his arms, he’s been doing that a lot lately

  “Hey” he says “I was horrible for letting that girl say those things to you but now you gotta promise me you won’t believe a thing she said”

   “Everything she said was true Kian.”

 Kian sighs “I don’t want to make things awkward so don’t get upset when I say this, but you’re…not ugly”

  “Wow Kian, thanks…that might be the only compliment I ever hear from you”

  He sighed, “let me try again” he turns to face me, and I feel his hand lift my chin up “I think you’re really pretty Chase”

  Although our day is rather eventful all I can think about is being called pretty, I’m giddy and when Kian asks me why I’ve been smiling so much I just tell him that it’s been a good day

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