Chapter 12

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“Tallulah, I’m going to work now babe, see you later.” Mum said as she nudged me.

I rolled over and opened my eyes.

“Bye mum.” I yawned.

“Are you feeling better today?” she asked.

“Yeah, I’m ok now.” I smiled.

She kissed my cheek and said “Ok, bye Lu.”

I looked at the time and realised the boys would be here soon. It was another boiling day, so we were going in the pool again. I chose a purple bikini with white polka dots – one that wasn’t halter neck this time. I tried it on and looked in the mirror. I walked down the stairs, and when I was at the bottom, the doorbell rang. The boys were already just wearing their swimming trunks.

“Hi guys.” I smiled as they piled through the door. “Go straight out.”

“Ok.” They said simultaneously.

Beau walked through the door last and gave me a hug. He kissed me before taking my hand and walking out into the garden. I walked to the edge of the pool, about to jump in when Beau pulled me into a hug and placed tiny kisses along my shoulder. He lifted his head up and his tongue began entering my mouth. I had my arms around his neck, and he was holding onto my bum. He started sliding his hands down my bikini bottoms to touch my bare bum as we continued kissing.

“Get a room!” Daniel shouted.

I pulled away from Beau and laughed.

“Ok, we will.” I said. I grabbed Beau’s hand and took him into the kitchen. He lifted me up onto the counter and started kissing my stomach. He slowly moved up to my ribs where he started sucking. He moved back to my stomach and gave me love bites there as well. I jumped off the side and hugged him.

“Let’s go swimming now.” I said.

He nodded and we walked back into the garden.

“What a surprise, Lullah’s got more love bites.” James chuckled.

I blushed and then jumped in the pool, pulling Beau with me.

“LUNCH IS READY!” I yelled from the kitchen.

All of the boys came running in from the garden and sat down at the table. I sat down next to Beau and began eating. We were all still wearing our swimwear. I felt Beau’s hand glide up my leg and I raised my eyebrow at him. His hand was getting higher, so this time I glared at him. He laughed quietly as his fingers slowly went underneath my bikini. I reached down and slapped his hand and the boys look over at us. Our hands shot back up onto the table. When they boys started talking again, Beau put his hand straight down my bikini and began to rub me. I looked at him angrily, signalling him to stop but he carried on. I smiled and bit my lip as he got closer to my entrance. His finger started to go inside of me and I held my breath in order to stop myself from moaning.

“Fuck off.” I hissed quietly at him.

Beau laughed and carried on. He was trying really hard to make me moan – he wanted to embarrass me. I closed my eyes and bit my lip as I began whimpering quietly.

“Beau, please, not now.” I whispered as I let out a tiny moan. Everyone looked at me weirdly, but Beau continued. I grabbed his arm and yanked it away from me.

When we’d finished eating, Beau began to kiss me. I stood up and went to sit on his lap. As I sat down, I felt something dig into my leg, so I looked down.

“Oh my fucking god Beau.” I laughed as I stood up.

He looked at me, begging me to be quiet.

“What?” the boys all asked at the same time. They realised what I was talking about and started laughing.

“Control yourself Beau!” Luke laughed.

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