Chapter Four

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You really want to tease Hal for not knowing how to sleep, but you know you don't have the right. If you were an auto responder that was transformed into an android, you wouldn't know how to sleep either. You go to the bathroom door and you hear the faint sound of water coming from the shower head. You can't believe it. Dirk is still taking his god damn shower. You walk into Hal's room and sit beside him on the carpeted floor hugging your knees. You tell him that Dirk is still showering and you have no idea if he sleeps like a human being. "Maybe if you try lying down on your bed, you'll eventually pass out or something" you say unsure.

"That might work" he lies down on the bed, and after a few minutes of silence he speaks, "(y/n)"

"What?" you joult up, trying not to doze off.

"I do not think it is working."

"You gotta give it time," you yawn, "just....just give it time....." your eyes start to close only for them to be shot open by Hal's voice once again. "(y/n)."

"Hal I just told you-"

"(y/n) I do not want to go to sleep."

He sounds like a little think.

"How did you sleep before then?"

"I didn't get tired. But Dirk told me that I would be able to sleep with this body."

"Okay then just-"

"But I do not want to sleep."

"Why not?"

"Because I'm not tired."



"I'm tired and I'm sick of baby sitting you."

"But I want to stay awake."

"Go to sleep Hal."


"Excuse  me????" You feel like you're a mother trying to get your three year old to behave.

"Will you sleep with me?"

You look at him in surprise. "Wha..? No!"

"Please. I have never slept before."

For some reason you feel a little bad for him and call yourself stupid before making your decision. You sigh deeply and climb on the bed next to him. "I still hate you."

"I know you do." he says before you close your eyes and drift off to sleep.

You basically live with Dirk and his robots now, because you never bother to go back to your own home. This was what you considered your family. Dirk even made you a miniature robot version of Davesprite (another one of your close friends) that sometimes followed you around. You were pretty happy like this, but usually you slept on a beanbag or whatever Dirk could find, not with Hal. Why would you anyway you hate his robotic guts! Or at least you were supposed to anyway. You're starting to get a little worried that Dirk might be on to something.


You slowly open your eyes the next morning letting them get used to the light, and trying to remember where you even were. As soon as you remember you realise that Dirk is going to find out, and you can not let that happen. When you try to sit up, you notice that Hal's arms are wrapped around you. "idiot..."  you think, you feel your face heat up but you ignore it and gently remove his arms. While heading out, you see that there is a chord going from Hal's back, to the wall behind him. You go over to it and realise that he has to be plugged in to an outlet, to sleep. Which also means that Dirk was in he saw you....with...him.

You run out the door as fast as you can over to the kitchen and point at Dirk. "IT IS NOT WHAT IT LOOKED LIKE OKAY."

"Whoa (y/n) good morning."

Everyone is looking at you now so you slowly put your arm down and sit at the kitchen table. "I didn't know how to get him to sleep...."

"So your conclusion was to sleep with him?"

You look away. "Shut up he asked me to and I felt bad because he was helpless..." you look back at him, "You know, you never did tell me how to put him to sleep in the first place."

He sat back in his chair smiling. "Oh yeah, I know."

"What do you mean, why didn't you tell me?"

"Because I was hoping this would happen."

A/N Hehe Lil Hal is a Lil kid inside that doesn't want to sleep and Dirk is trying to hook you up with your nemesis. That's basically the summary of this chapter XD Thank you for reading~

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