Im getting you back.

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The next day, i woke up with a huge hangover. I hate drinking, and i promised Diana i wouldn't drink as long as we were together, but since we're not, i missed it. Not only because we're not together anymore, but because i the feeling of the burning liquid going down my throat made me a little less miserable.

I've been thinking of ways to get Diana back, and last night, helped a lot. Since i know Diana wont be out of the hospital until 2 weeks or so, i decided to go somewhere. My plan was, going to every place me and her dreamed of going, and getting something from each place. Sound good doesn't it? Yeah it sucks not being able to go with her, but maybe if the plan works, we will. I already told my manager about the plan, he didn't like it, but he's not going to stop me. 

As i packed everything from my hotel room, i couldn't stop thinking about Diana. She means the world to me, and loosing her has been the worst thing that's ever happened to me. I love her, and i miss her. I don't care if Jack likes her, i'm getting her back, one way or the other. "Where to first, Mr. Mendes?" my body guard asked. "Hmm.. Lets see," i said pulling out a paper from my back pocket. Last night i wrote all the places down, but since i was drunk, my hand writing wasn't as good. "I think i wrote Sydney, yeah Sydney Australia, that's where we're going first" i added. "Sounds good. Want me to order the tickets?" he asked. "Yeah, that would be great. Thanks man" i said. He walked out of my room and left me alone packing.

First off, Sydney, Australia. I hope this plan works.


My sister has had about 7 seizures in the past week. It scares me shitless everytime. Jaiden and Jeniah are lucky they dont know whats going on. Babysiting them 24/7 is so damn hard. How does Diana do it? Im just glad i have my girlfriend and mom's help, cause without them, who knows how things would end up. "Jack lets go!" Gabe shouted. "Im right here" i said standing behind him. He turned around and jumped a little, "oh" he laughed. "Lets go see Diana" Jack G sighed. "Cheer up bro. She's gonna be fine" I assured him. "Yeah, i know" he tried smiling. I can sew how much this is hurting him.  He hasn't left her side since day one, but the doctors wouldn't let Diana have visitors for about 5 days, so Jack has been going crazy. Sometimes, he would go into Diana's room, and he would start crying. He must really like her if he's acting this way. Its weird seeing him all sad and hurt, he has never been like this since forever, and the fact that it's because he's scared, scares me. 

"At least she might get out next week" Gabe said. "Hopefully" Jack added. "Come on boys, lets stop being sad. She's going to be okay and we all know it." my dad said getting in the car. "Yeah, lets just pray that she gets better" my mom added. As i sat the twins down on their chairs, Jack and Gabe walked towrds the other car. "Are you driving?" i asked Jack. "No you should.." he said almost like a whisper. My mom, dad, and the twins are in one car, and we are in the other one. I nodded my head and finished with the twins. "Keys" i shouted, and Gabe threw me the keys. "We'll see you there" i told my mom, "um, we're going to the store first to buy Diana something, we'll see you in a bit, okay?" my mom said and kissed my head. "Buy something for us to give her please" Gabe shouted. My mom rolled my eyes, and i got in the car. 


We got to the hospital, and we were now waiting in the waiting room. Jack was sitting next to me, with his head thrown back. I think he's sleeping, since he didn't sleep last night. A doctor walked up to us, and told us we could go in now. Jack of course, went first, then Gabe, and i at the end. Once we got to her room, there was flowers and balloons everywhere. All from her friends and family. We sat down on some chairs by the window, and Jack sat next to Diana. I looked over to where some of the flowers were, and theres was one in particular that caught my eye. It was behig all the flowers, and it had a note on it. As soon as i saw what type of flowers they were, i stood up and took them. They were Tulips. Diana is extremely allergic to these. I stood up with the flowers in my head and showed them to the guys. "Those aren't tulips, are they?" Gabe asked. I slowly noded my head. "Isn't she allergic to them?" Jack turned around. "I wonder who gave them to her?" Gabe asked walking towards me. "Theres a note." i said pulling it out. "Read it" Jack said. I opened up the note and read what it said.

'I told you i would do something. 

Glad my job is over, have fun dying slowly, bitch -unknown"

"What the fuck is this? Is it a prank? Come on Jack, stop playing this isn't funny!" Jack G said pushing me. "It wasn't me! Why would i do this?" i said. "Then explain this to me" Jack said a little mad. Actually more like a lot mad, his face was full of anger! "I-I don know!" i said feeling a little scared. What did this mean? Who was it from? Why Diana? This all mus be a mistake. "Lets just calm down and not worry about this. Diana is going to be okay, and i or we won't let anyone hurt her, right?" Gabe said. "Right" Jack and I said. "Alright, now lets just wait for Diana to wak-" Gabe finished but was cutt off by Diana. "Hey guys" she said. "You cut me off" Gabe pouted. "Sorry" she giggled.

Gabe smiled, while Jack and I just stood there with scared and worried expressions. "Are you guys okay?" Diana asked sitting up. Jack and I looked at eachother, then nodded. "We'-We're fine" I said. "Yeah" Jack chuckled. "Hey can we ask you something.." Gabe said slowly waking up to the flowers. "Yeah Sur-" she tried saying before i cut her off. I elbowed Gabe once he took the note. "Ow, what?" he whispered. "Lets not" i whispered back. "Why note?" He whisepered. "Whats that?" Diana asked standing up. I hid the flowers behind me and took a step back. "Nothing. Get back." Jack said. "Why?" she said confused. "I'll be back" i said walking out fast out of the room. 

We can't let Diana know about. Not now atleast. This might just make everything worse. Right now, im gonna throw away the flowers, but keep the note. I wonder what sick person could do this to my sister... 


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