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I woke up to sunlight squeezing through the cracks in my curtain covered window. Some slivers of light fell onto my newly wooded floor, others jumped onto the bed with me; crawling up my right arm that always ends up hanging off my bed.

A few rays fell gently on my cheek, like they were kissing me 'good morning'.

"Ugh, morning." I growled to myself. I then rolled over and used my hand to search the right side of the bed. He's gone.

I shot up and my eyes scanning the room hastily. I rub them to make sure I'm not dreaming.

"Eric?" I yelled, only hoping he'd answer. I looked to the ground where his clothes were. Great, they're gone too.

I threw the covers off of me and rushed over to get my robe that was sprawled across the ground. I put it on quickly.

I put it on upside down.

"Damn it. How did I even-" I muttered under my breath. I flipped it around then put it back on.

"Eric???" I hopefully yelled again, this time raising my voice a little higher. I sounded so desperate.

I swung open the bedroom door and marched down the short hallway, then descended down the stairs.

I finally made it to the bottom but not without tripping about 20 times. Wow, new record. I mocked myself.

I walked through the living room to the front door; peering out the side windows.

"Of course- gone again..." My voice trailed off as a ache traveled from heart to the pads of my feet. I thought this time it would be different...

I sluggishly dragged my feet to the kitchen. A fresh pot of coffee was made, for me, my heart leaped. Maybe he just had to go to work, maybe he'll be back. My heart seemed to perk up at the thought.

I saw a note sticking to the counter beside the pot and an envelope beside it. Maybe he's left a scavenger hunt for me to find him. He seemed like the cute ideas type. My heart sped up as I practically jumped across the kitchen to the note.

It read:

"Thanks for the amazing night last night. That was the best sex I've had in a long time, such a stress reliever. You're amazing at your job;) I don't have much to offer but I hope what I left in the envelope and the pot of coffee is enough. -Eric"

Confused I quickly ripped open the envelope, searching for a clue to find him or at least an explanation behind his note.

"What the hell..." I said quietly at first. Then slowly as the pieces started to fall together...

"WHAT THE HELL??" I screamed. Money. Money was inside the envelope. This scum bag thought I was a prostitute.

I stared at it in disbelief. I thought this time was different. Yes we met at the bar but I didn't sleep with him then. All I did was give him my number and tell him to call me sometime! He said he was stressed and so I said to call me if he needed anything...

Oh my God, he thought I meant call me when he needed something to take his mind off things. That perv! What a fucking freak!

My heart lurched upwards into my throat, chocking me. My eyes started to tear up.

"No I will not let this basturd get to me. I will NOT let him take control of my feelings!" I screamed into the empty kitchen. I stood tall and strong for a slim second, before falling on my knees to the tile. I ignore the physical pain, but the emotional took complete control.

My fingers threaded through the roots of my hair and grabbed at it in chunks. Tears flowed freely from my eyes. Pain erupting from my core. Sobs escaped my lips to the pattern of my heart beat.

Unfortunately for me, this was no surprise... This fit had become my own daily routine.

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