It has been two weeks since the blond boy Ross Lynch has arrived.

And I can't stand him one bit because every single day since he has been here he has made my life miserable. 

Just the other day he "tripped" and spilled coffee all over my white top, then he "accidentally" ripped my essay in half.

Why does that boy have it out for me?

As of right now, I am heading to my dorm room to get my homework assignments together before Ross ruins them.

When I got to my door, it was unlocked, so I naturally went in.

"What the hell are you doing here?!" Ross was sitting on my roommate's bed.

"I could ask you the same question." he didn't even look over at me.

"This is my room." I set my bag down next to my bed.

"No, this is my sister's room." he finally looked over at me.

"No, I live here with my roommate Rydel." now I was feeling frustrated.

"Well Rydel is my sister, so I guess we're on the same page now."

I flopped back onto my bed and groaned.

"Aww what's wrong? Is poor old Laura feeling sad? You know, you should be happy to be in a room alone with me." he snickered at me.

"Sorry to deflate your ego, but I would much rather be alone in a room with a screaming monkey than you." I sat up and grabbed my bag.

He flicked me off, and started playing on his phone.

I started organizing my papers when a shadow covered my sight.

"Move." I didn't have to look up to know who it was.

"Make me." Ross grabbed a stack of my papers and dropped them on the ground. 

"Oops." he laughed and grabbed another stack.

"Stop!" I scrambled up.
He was about to drop the next stack when I reached up and grabbed it. He grabbed it back, and held it high above his head. 

"Give it back." I jumped to get it, but sadly I was cursed with shortness.

"I don't think you can reach it." he laughed.

I did the most unethical thing I could think of, and I jumped on him. The papers tumbled out of his hands.

"Ha!" I scrambled off him and grabbed my papers.

He grabbed my wrist and turned me to face him.

"What are you doing." I whispered.

Our faces were just centimeters apart.

"I could ask you the same question." he reached behind me, and grabbed another stack.
I stepped back and grabbed the stack back.

Just then the door opened, and Rydel walked in with her boyfriend.

"I see you guys have met." she said as Ross and I separated immediately.

"Yeah, well I'm going to go meet Calum, so bye." Ross left in a rush.

"That was weird." Ellington bent down to pick up my papers.

"Yeah, well Ross is nervous sometimes." Rydel sighed.

"Yeah nervous." I mumbled.

"What?" Ellington questioned as he handed me my papers.

"Nothing, thanks for the help." I smiled.

"Isn't he a sweetie." Rydel gushed about her boyfriend.

"Yeah really sweet."

"Oh stop." Ellington laughed.

If only all boys were this nice.


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