Chapter 16: Unrequited

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grew up in a small little village, in the middle of the Republic of Ireland. Her parents were happily married and she was born much later in their lives. She was their only child and was much loved in her younger years. Her father was a prosperous, although a small-time cattle farmer. Her mother was a school teacher for the local primary school, which meant by the age of 3, she could read and write. 

It was around this age that her magic flared up and her parents became alarmed. Her parents were both muggles and she knew no better herself. This meant through her parents own ignorance and naivety, the family ignored her growing magic. Aoife very quickly learned to keep her growing curiosity of the abilities to herself.

She loved her parents, they were her whole life and everything she knew revolved around their farm. That is until she turned 11 and Professor McGonagall delivered her acceptance letter to Hogwarts. Being muggle born, meant she was exposed to a whole different world than the ones her parents knew. Slowly, but surely her relationships with her parents deteriorated and she lost the confidence in herself their love gave. This meant her confidence that drew animals and people to her decreased into nothing. 

However, her love for animals grew into an obsession with magical creatures. She wasn't someone who noticed other people, much less the opposite sex. That is until she was in her sixth year and she saw the Jet twins joining the school.

Oh, she knew who they were, everyone did. They were like wild creatures, having wandless magic and a cool confidence the Irish redhead could never imagine. To make it worse, puberty finally hit her and she started developing feelings mostly in a sexual nature. At first, like every girl in Hogwarts, it was aimed towards Jayden and then, her attention was drawn towards Charlie. She noticed his relationship with Charlotte, but chose to ignore it, hoping and doing everything in her power to get his attention.

Of course, it failed, he had eyes only for Charlotte and magical creatures.

It was a conversation between Charlie and some little third year that made Aoife decide that she wanted to be a dragons' keeper, too. Charlie had been approached by a little boy, who seemed nervous to talk to the Gryffindor quidditch captain.

"Hi Charlie, I mean Captain Weasley." The boy stuttered, his nerves obvious.

Charlie was busy talking to Charlotte, who seemed bored by the interruption. The redhead turned around, and gave the third year a big, friendly smile.

"Hi mate, Charlie is fine. What can I help you with?" Charlie bent down slightly, getting a little more level with the boy.

Aoife stared at the three, a warm feeling creeping into her heart as she stared at the handsome redhead.

"I wanted to know if taking the subject ,care of magical creatures, is a good idea..." The boy trailed off, a hopeful expression on his face. Charlies grin grew into a full-on smile.

"Worth it? Do you love dragons?" Charlie asked, a laugh in his voice. The boy nodded vigorously, a big smile on his face now.

"Good, because that subject is allowing me to become a dragon's keeper next year. If you would want to join me one day, I recommend you take it. Charlotte here is going to go to a Hippogriff sanctuary." Charlie pointed to Charlotte, who gave a bland smile.

This made Aoife scoff and turn away from the conversation, her hatred for the girl Charlie was obsessed with, grow. 

For a while after that, Aoife ran many scenarios through her head, replacing Charlotte with herself. She would've smiled and joined Charlie in gushing about magical creatures or she would've dropped to her knees and encouraged the boy to pursue his love for dragons. These scenarios disappeared when Charlie and the twins graduated from Hogwarts and Harry Potter joined Hogwarts in her last year of school. Her love for Charlie was pushed to the side, as she worked hard to finish her year and join the working world.

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