Chapter 5

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There I Sat On Top Of The Bridge I Look Down I See Rocks Thinking Bout Jumping Burn For Eternity Or Be Lonely For a Life a Life Time
Malike P.O.V

Me & My Girlfriend Hope Was On Our Way To Hershey Park She Was Talking To Me About How Kacey Does Not Like Her And She doesn't know why I know why though the only reason I slept with Kacey Is Because Me & Hope Was Taking a Break & I Was Mad It Was a Mistake That Happened 7 Times I Know Kacey Is Depressed I'll Talk To Her When I Get Back I Haven't Spoken To Her In About 7 Months It's Weird I Would Never Like Her Like She Likes Me I Mean That's My Sister My Baby Sister I made it even worse saying we gonna run away together

"Ain't That Kacey Right There"She said

"Huh Yeah Whatever"I said

"Mellow"She said hitting my arm

"What I was listening"I said my lying

"That's Kacey"She Said Pointing To The Bridge It Was Kacey Walking Back & Fourth On The Ledge I Got Out The Car Fast

"Kacey Get Down"I yelled

"Fuck You"She said

"Why You Up There"I asked

"Oh I Don't Know Why Does Anyone Come To The Ledge Of The a Bridge"She Said

"Get Your Fucking Ass Down Here Now"I Yelled

"You Know Before You Came I Asked Would It Be Better For Me To Burn Or Be Lonely I Sounded Selfish Didn't I And Dumb But I'm Dying Each Day! Burning Fucking Burning Fuck You Malike Fuck You I Hate Your Black Ass I Hate Your Fucking Ass With Everything Each Of Me I Hate You I Will Jump"She said

"No Kacey No For God's Sake Please Do Not Jump Look I'm Sorry I'm Sorry About Everything I Can't Fix It I Can't Fix What We Did I Wish I Could Take It Back But I Can't My Fucking God I Can't You Were To Young To Understand And I Kinda Took Advantage Of You I Shouldn't Have"I said

"Kinda Kinda"She said

"What Are Y'all Talking About Malike"Hope Asked

"Nothing Get Back In The Car"I Said

"Oh Tell Little Ms.Bitch What We're Talking About Malike"Kacey Said

"Look Kacey I Know You Don't Like Me & I Don't Know Why I'm Sorry For Anything I Ever Did Just Please Come Down"Hope Said

"He Take Your Virginity To"Kacey Asked Lighting a Cigarette And Puffing It out I shook my head

"He Took You Virginity But Aren't You Brother And Sister"Hope Asked

"Mmhm"Kacey Said With a Grin On Her Face Hope Started To Throw Up

"Your Sick Your Sick"Hope Said Hitting Me

"Calm Down Hope Look It Wasn't Like That It Was And Agreement"I Said

"For What I'll Do Your Chores For a Month If I Can Have Sex With You But Don't Tell Mom"Hope Yelled

"No Not That Kind I Can't Explain It"I said

"Fuck You"Hope Got In The Car And Left

"Uh Oh Did I Do That?"Kacey Asked

"Nah Fuck Her I Don't Even Care Bout Her"I said

"Did You Tell Her You Was Gonna Run Off With Her Make All These Plans With HerThen Don't"Kacey Said Throwing The Cigarette

"I'm Sorry"I said hours of begging people started to come news cops everything

"Get these fucking people Out Of Here Mom Or You Will Be Scrapping Your Daughter Of These Rocks Or Let The Ocean Do It"Kacey Yelled

"Get Em Out Tell Them To Leave Please"My Mom Said To The Police The Police Was about to get everyone to leave but I asked

"Kacey What Do We Have To Do To Get You Down"I asked

"Confess"She said

"I Can't Do That I'll Go To Jail"I Explained

"Hmm"She Said Walking Down The Bridge Siding I Took a Deep Breath And Stood On Top Of a Cop Car

"Attention Everyone Mom I Have a Confession Ever Sense Kacey Was Younger She Liked Me Like As a Boyfriend I Knew this so out of anger at my girlfriend I slept with Kacey I Don't Know How That Would Hurt My Girl Friend But To Me Kacey Was Quick And Easy Pussy And She Was a Virgin So Any Nigga Would Want Some Quick And Easy Tight Virgin  Pussy Kacey Was Skeptical But Who Wouldn't Want To Sleep With Their Crush So She Caved In But In That Time I Told Her Things Like We Were Gonna Run away and all that good shit I'm the reason she on this ledge I'm the reason she is depresses and she cuts her self I hear her cry but iont do shit bout it Mommy I'm Sorry Kacey I'm Sorry"I said I hopped off the car

"Malike"Hope Yelled She Made Her Way Threw The Crowd

"Hope I'm Sorry Y'all a Cute Ass Couple Your Very Pretty I don't hate you I was just jealous mom don't be mad at malike it takes two I begged him first"Kacey Said My Mom Was Crying Hope Held On To Me

"World I'm Sorry For Our Disgusting Acts I'm Sorry For All This Commotion The world would be better...God For Give Me"Kacey whispered

"Kacey Noooo"I yelled and started to run My mother dropped to her knees and cried and yelled and begged then

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