10 Beauty Tricks

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Here is a collection of 10 beauty tricks that I found on Instagram. I hope they work, because they look fantastic to try!

1. Use a loose or pressed setting powder instead of dry shampoo! (translucent for blonde, tinted for dark)

2. To revive dry, clumpy mascara, add a couple of eye drops and shake it like you're on the dance floor!

3. For chic matte nails, hold your wet polished nails over a pot of boiling water. Don't burn yourself from the steam, though.

4. If you feel foundation is too heavy, add a bit of moisturizer for your own makeshift BB cream.

5. Use mascara as eyeliner if you run out. Just brush some onto an eyeliner brush and outline those beautiful eyes of yours!

6. Bronzer can double as a copper-gold eyeshadow. Just don't tan your eyelids too much ;)

7. Especially after PE, bad a TINY bit of your deodorant on your wrists. It'll last longer than perfume.

8. Take an Epsom salt bath every once in a while. Like every two weeks or something like that. It's good for your skin, it's relaxing, and helps with cramps. Probably good for the week you start your period!

9. Goat's milk soap is an amazing face wash. I know, I know, it sounds horrid but it removes makeup and nasty stuff, and moisturizes skin. Pick some up at a health grocery in the whole foods section.

10. Use conditioner as shaving cream when you run out. It's a great alternative and makes your legs super silky. Plus, the hair on your legs will soften and make it easier to cut! NOTE: Shaving cream cannot be used as conditioner. It's a one-way street.

I hope those tips help! I know I will definitely be using the matte nails tip! If you have a wattpad account, remember to vote and comment! Check out some of my other stories too!

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