My Dad

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        My dad is awful. he is an awful person that does awful things like trying to kidnap his own daughter from the mother and take her with him far away with his new girlfriend that was trying to be the little girls new mom. I was that little girl. That little girl that started screaming when they tried to force her onto the bus, but luckily someone that new their family was on that bus and called the little girls real mom to come and get her before they got away.

       My dad disgusts me and I want to make him pay for he did to me. I want to torture him with my bare hands and hurt him, make him suffer. I know what your thinking. how violent. but you don't understand. you would if you were me though and you would want to make him suffer too.

      My dad has hurt me and my family so bad that the list of good stuff he has done just might be the shortest list in the world. NOTHING!!!!! That's what he has done for us, NOTHING!!!! His dog bit me once and never did anything about it so my mom said that if his dog ever bit me again she would kick it, and he only replied, "you kick my dog and I will kick you." see??? he is nothing to me!!!!! He is probably laying in a ditch somewhere right now so drugged up and drunk that he doesn't know anything, if not, then he's probably dead. I bet he doesn't even know who I am now, but if he ever cleans himself up and becomes sober again, and tries to come and see me, I shall tell him that if he really cared about me and nit the money, he would have done that a long, long time ago. All he cares about is money for his drugs,but guess what? He doesn't get none.

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