Anniversary with Niall-imagine

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Ok, heres another imagine, sry for any spelling errors hope you like it, send me suggestions, i do any kind :)


Today is valentines day and you have plans with Niall later. You decide that you and him are just going to watch a movie and make dinner. So you go into town and try to chose what you want for dinner. You pick chicken and mac-and-cheese. You get in you car and look at the time Niall should already be home. You go home and unlock the door which is odd because Niall always leaves the door unlocked if your coming home. Then when you walk in all the lights are off and every thing is how you left it. You just think that he must be having to work late. And start to cook. You make the mac-and-cheese first and then you start the chicken. You walk into the living room and pull out a table from the closet and put a nice table cloth on it and put candles out. You get two of the pretty glasses from the cabinet and a bottle of fine wine and set both on the table. Then you hear the timer go off for chicken. You go in the kitchen and take it out. And get two plates and set them on the table and made the forks and spoons look nice in napkins every thing looks perfect. You sit down waiting for Niall to come home. An hour or maybe two passes and your really hungry like aways (lol) you decide to eat one piece of chicken. its almost 10:00 and your starting to get a little tired. When you here the door slam you walk to the door and you see a vary drunk Niall. "What the hell Niall i've been waiting for you to get home for hours. we had plans for to night" you say. " I went out with the guys for valentines. " what im not good enough to spend your day with" you say walking over to him. "Don't talk to me like that" he say. You smell the strong sent of alcohol in his breath " I cant believe you would do this to me" you say. Then he slaps you across your face. You turn around crying and run up stairs putting some clothes in a bag. Niall's at the door watching you. "Im sorry Y/N i didn't mean it" he says. you brush past him going downstairs and slam the door in Niall's face. You get into your car an go to Harrys house because you know he will listen to you. When you get there you knock on the door you hear "coming" Harry answer's saying " hi Y/N... Wait whats wrong?" "Me and Niall are fighting can we talk" "ya come in" you guys talk for a awhile and you fall asleep on Harrys couch. You wake up and see Niall beside you. You decide to pretend your still sleeping and you hear him talking to Harry "i didn't even mean to slap her" "i know i think she knows to she just had to get away for awhile" i just scared ill lose her" you wake up and sit up "morning, ill leave you two alone now" Harry says walking into the other room. " sorry about last night"Niall says looking at the floor. "No im sorry i shouldn't of gotten mad at you for being who you are" "so are we ok" "ya well be together forever" you say smiling and pulling him into a hug "i love you" "i love you more"

By: Jessie

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