Keven and marinev

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I wake up in a dark room. There are sharp tools reflecting white light. "Shhh" I hear a voice that makes me

Jerk my head . " who are you " I glare into the shadowed figure. Suddenly wishing I hadn't been so rude ,

he walked out of the darkness . He was beautiful , my face turned bright red " I'm here to help you

escape " then out of nowhere he pulled out a knife a threw it @ me I let out a yelp . Then realized the

blade had sliced though the rope holding me down , not my flesh . " I'm Kevin " he Said showing a row of

perfect row of teeth " I was told to come down here to kill you ," he saw all the blood drain from my face

"IM NOT GOING TO " Keven sounded panicked " come with me there someone who gonna take us out of here .

We had to sneak out multiple windows but eventuality got outside . We climbed in a black van and the

driver turned around to face us . She had neon pink and black hair " Amara , this is Marine . " Titus said . "

nice to meat ya short stack " Marine smirked as she started speeding. I guessed she was about 19

considering how tall she was . I looked at keven " what is going on !!, 4 hours ago I was in art class and now

my stupid spence of smell has got me running from a stupid , secret society trying to kill me " Keven sighed " your not the only one you know

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