"Good morning, Joey," I chirp the next morning, on Saturday, as I walk in the front door of the big house that Penn is loaning my mom and Jo for a while. Well, his dad is loaning it to them, I guess. Anyway, we dropped them off and helped them get settled last night when we got back but I had to go back to the dorms so that Stella didn't worry.

Now, I'm back because it's Saturday morning and I want to spend some time with Jo and my mom because I haven't seen them in over two months.

"Hello, Nenna," She greets me, sitting on the comfortable couch watching cartoons. "This house is really cool. Do we get to live here forever?"

I shake my head at her and sit down beside her on the couch. "No, it's just for a little while."

She looks over at me with a scared expression. "Are we ever going to have to go back to Georgia? Back home?"

I shake my head again and wrap my arm around her shoulders. "Of course not, Joey. I won't let that happen ever, okay? He's gone for good, I promise."

"Okay," She sighs.

"What do you want to do today?" I ask her. "Are you just going to sit around the house on your first day in California?"

"What is there to do here in California?" She wonders curiously, messing with the hem of her Frozen pajamas.

"We could go to the beach," I suggest. "Where's Mom?"

"Sleeping," She informs me with a sigh. "She does that a lot now."

"She's just feeling sad," I tell my baby sister. "She'll be happier soon. So, how about the beach?"

"Really? I don't have a swimming suit though, Nenna," Jo informs me.

"We'll stop by the store first then," I chirp, standing from the couch. "Come on, go get dressed, silly goose!"

She giggles and then hurries up the stairs to go get dressed. I follow her upstairs but instead of going into the smaller room that she's staying in, I go across the hall to where my mom is sleeping. I knock and there's silence so I open the door and see my mom passed out on the bed with her dark hair sprawled wickedly across her face. She's clutching her wedding picture in her arms and I don't understand why. I don't understand why it is so hard for her to let go of this man who has done nothing but hurt us ever since Jo was born. I mean, before Jo, he was somewhat decent from what I remember. He was actually pretty nice, my dad was, but when I was ten and Jo was born, he kind of went off the wagon. I don't know why and I've never asked my mom because I honestly don't think that I want to know.

"Mom," I say to wake her up, shaking her shoulder lightly. "Wake up."

"Huh?" She mumbles tiredly.

"Come to the beach with us," I offer. "I'm going to go take Jo to the beach and you should come with us."

She nods and sits up with a big yawn. I have no idea how she is such a morning person, but she kind of always has been and it's really weird. "Sure, let's go to the beach," She agrees.

"Great," I chirp, relieved that she doesn't seem too upset anymore about leaving her scum of a husband back in Georgia. "Meet us downstairs in ten minutes, okay?"

She nods again and stands up from the bed to go take a shower. I leave the room again and go make sure that Jo is getting ready. She can procrastinate a lot when it comes to getting dressed.

"Can you brush my hair for me?" She asks me, handing me her small purple brush.

"You can't brush your own hair?" I tease her, taking the brush as she turns away from me, facing the mirror in front of her dresser.

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