Chapter 19

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Chapter 19

A few days passed, and then came one week after the saw task. Paul and Ashton were still having nightmares about it every night. Emma was, too, but not as often as Paul and Ashton - they were showing signs of post-traumatic stress, because their appetite fell, and they started to cry a lot more often than they did before. All this was down to The Leader, and Paul wanted to get justice. He wanted The Leader to pay for this so much; the anger inside him was beginning to get unbearable, and The Leader was watching this, enjoying every minute of it. Molly was in the kitchen, alone, with nobody else watching her. This is when she decided to get revenge on the others to spite them, by eating all of the foods in one go. There was enough food left to feed everyone for one week, and although it meant that Molly would starve for a week, she would get over it. She just wanted to see the mortified looks on everyone's faces. She hated each and every one of them, and she figured that they were probably going to vote her out next, so that is why she did what she did. With voting just twenty days away, Molly realized that she did not have long left, and that she needed to make the most of her life. She decided to go back to her jolly old self again, and in the meantime, cause as much grief for the others. Molly opened the fridge door and gobbled it all up within half an hour, unbeknownst to the others. She laughed as she dragged her utterly bloated body over to the other four, who were sat in the garden, probably discussing her. Emma was horrified when she was the one who got up and saw that the fridge was completely empty!

There was nothing left, and Emma screamed.

"You bitch!" cried Emma, "you greedy, selfish bitch!"

"Says you, who murdered someone to save yourself", laughed Molly, "and by the way, I don't care if you vote me out. I'm going to Heaven, while you're going to Hell, loser!"

Emma charged at Molly, who was laughing hysterically.

"She's going mad", Ashton whispered to Paul.

"I think we're all going a little mad, Ashton", Paul replied, "We all go mad sometimes.”

Molly ran away and locked herself in the bathroom.

"Let's see how you like it, Ashton!" she yelled, "now you'll know what it's like not to have a piss all day!"

Molly then sat down on the toilet seat, waiting to digest the 25000 calories of food that she had just eaten.

"Do you really think she's eaten it all?" asked Lucy, "she might have hidden it".

"The wrappers for the food are filling up the bin", replied Paul, "and I'm quite sure there's nowhere to hide it, except for under the beds, where we've just looked".

"I'm gonna kill her when she gets out of there", said Emma, "You hear me, Molly? Who's gonna be laughing when I vote you out? Yeah! That's right! Me!"

Emma then walked away, deciding not to waste another breath on shouting at the fat woman.

"Thank God we have good excuses to vote for people!" cried Emma, "unless I'll be feeling even more guilty than I already am!"

"I must admit, I feel better now that Molly has gone crazy", replied Emma.

"Be careful!" Paul said in a quiet voice, "they'll be listening. Don't break the rules!"

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