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Chapter 11

It had been quite a while before Adela found somewhere to stay. She was frustrated at the fact Damien knew quite well she wasn't who she said to be and easily dodged Adela's secretive ways. As soon as word got out she would to have to leave Hastings and go on a run for it. Even though that would be the most suspicious thing to do. But there was no other choice, The two brothers, Taylor and Madi would be tying her to a chair in the spot light asking her questions like 'what's Kate's favourite colour?' in no time. So it was vital she got somewhere they wouldn't think she would be.

The place she had found was out of town and in the countryside of Hastings. She was wondering in boredom until she saw it,

Bed and bathroom for rent

Was written across a wooden sign out front of a large country house. It was very cheap, she had exactly the right amount of money to last her a month. Which was more or less likely the period of time she had left in Hastings overall.

A French women greeted her as she walked in, it was grand and Victorian with a white and amber theme which Adela actually quite liked, even though it reminded her of some sort of yogurt.

"Yes, thank you, and it's upstairs, turn left, keep going past 2 doors, up two steps and to the right." The middle aged women said friendly to Adela, after she handed the money to her for the room.

"Thanks, uh..."

"-Mrs Rothko"

"Mrs Rothko, I'm Kate,"

The black haired women smiled and walked into, Adela guessed, the kitchen.

Upstairs was very crowded compared to the downstairs where there seemed to be a lot of free space judging by the unfurnished entrance hall. There were doors and walls and steps and random tables everywhere, some rooms were silent but others were humming of music coming from inside. She got to her room door that was opposite another. When she was just unlocking her room, the other one latched open and out came a small, skinny boy with glasses and thin, whisky blonde hair.

"Hello," he said in his posh accent, "I'm Lucas, and I'm going to hell,"

"Okayy," she said shocked at the boy who was predictably quite weird. Her first impressions of him were: he's confident, he was a geek, probably not a Christian and posh. But then she realised what he meant when saying 'hell' ... College. He was about a foot shorter than her and looked ten years old but he was carrying a laptop holder, a backpack and a folder. A typical college students baggage, she thought, remembering the early mornings she's spied upon as a ghost.

"Who's you then?"

"I'm Kate, nice to meet you." She said and accidentally, naturally curtseyed. Damn her 13th century habits.

"Fancy that ay!" He laughed, "I Feel like a sir," and he smirked.

"Um, yeah, sorry, bye," she said embarrassed and quickly shoved herself into her room.

It was a small box room, the carpet was amber, hence the overall theme of the house. But the bed was actually a black, metal bunk bed that was practically leaning against the white wall for its survival of staying put. There was a wardrobe opposite. Next to that was a little desk and office chair, but the wood it was made out of was all scribbled on and indented. Right opposite the main door she came through, was the entrance to the on suite bathroom. There wasn't actually a door for this but, in replace for it, was beaded, pink string. She walked through all the string and found it was the most horrible bathroom ever. There was mould all around the tiny bath and toilet. The sink was half a sink and the mirror on the cabinet was broke, inside the cabinet was nothing but some blue hair dye and a used, dirty toothbrush.

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