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She knew she must run. She couldn't get back on her broom; it was certainly broken into pieces farther the reductor curse sent at her by He Who Must Not Be Named. These were dark times to live in, where people, both wizards and muggles were being killed left and right be the Dark Lord and his followers. He was steadily gaining on Lily, for she could only run so fast. And, somehow Voldemort could fly."where did you hide him?!" Hissed Voldemort.

" I won't tell! Just take me! Please! Not Harry!"

" no! I need the boy!"

" what good will he do you? He's just a baby!"

"You foolish girl! You don't understand! It's him I need! He must be killed!"


"The prophecy! Come Nagini. We're leaving. The mother won't gIve away her son. Stupid, foolish...." But all lily could understand was the prophecy. The rest seemed to be in a made up language full of just hissing sounds. Then, suddenly, The Dark Lord aparated and was gone.

Now the problem would be figuring out where in the world she was. Lily had started out outside of the Leaky Cauldron meeting with a strange man who was selling her an owl, but he ended up being Voldemort, so she got back on her broom, and fled. Surely he wouldn't be able to catch her, but she was wrong. He could fly, somehow. It would be easiest to aparate, so with a slight twist on the spot, she was gone.

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