Beau The Boy Slayer

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It's The Day! The Wedding.

Fluer is Getting Married to Jesse.

He's Okay i guess but nobody. I mean Nobody is good enough for my sister. She's My Rock. My Bestfriend. The Mother i never had.

I'm Beau by the way like 'Bow' im half French my Daddy's From Paris and we Go there every summer.

one more thing about me, I Hate Boys, every Male human being (other than my daddy) is Evil, twisted heartbreakers.

Anyway, I need to get ready for the Wedding!!

I run into the Bathroom and slip off my robe and Jump into the Shower.

I let the Warm water slip down my freezing body, God its Bloody Cold In Miami. Lol, No.

There's a knock on the door and I have wet hair and in a robe, it better not be a prince....

"Hello, Fluer Van Jel sent Me to do, Beau Van Jel's hair and Make up. Where is she she?"

I look at the Vintage Girl dressed head to toe in Leopard print. God, i hope she doesn't get to pick my Dress, id look like a walk-In safari.

"I'm Beau Van Jel" I say. I know, no need to laugh I have the Gayest name going....

"Right, Okay, Lets Get to work!"

"Lets?" I ask. I am not going to enjoy this.


Ohhhkayyyy, Breathe breatheeee. Phewww. This is not me, nope, not one chance.

The Girl i see has Curves, not to big but you can see them, a bit, this Girl has a Pastel Purple Babydoll dress with a Rose Belt and Blonde Ringlets cascading down to my waist and a Little Purple rose headband.

"Err, Where's the Mirror gone?" i ask.

"Darling, Your looking at it" she tuts




Not very long, I know-.-

Not many ideas for this one.

Bye Love ya!





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