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Friday, May 23, 2014

"Ewh, no stop Carter. I am so done with you right now. Bye." I laugh pushing him out on the deck of the Mobli house on the Venice Beach boardwalk.

"You can't be mean to the birthday boy." He comments and I place my hand on my hip, shaking my head.

"Bitch, your birthday is tomorrow." I laugh and he frowns but then laughs as a few girls notice him. He waves and grins down at them as they squeal but their moms made them leave.

"Yeah I know. So, spill." He says and I raise an eyebrow, "Tell me about the date! Nobody even got any details from neither you or Cam and today you guys have been so all over each other. Spill." He explains and I smirk.

"You guys fucked huh?" He asks bluntly and I laugh shaking my head, no.

"No we didn't, perv. But I'll tell you what, it was defiantly amazing and I couldn't have thought of a better date." I grin and he sits on the floor, patting the spot next to him.

"Spill the beans than, weirdo." He exclaims and I shake my head laughing.

"No thanks. I don't got any beans anyways, so I guess your out of luck bud." I smile and he glares at me as Cameron and Nash come out on the porch with us.

"We're gonna go down to the beach, wanna come?" Nash asks and I look away from him, placing my hand on Carter's knee, pushing myself up off of the floor.

"Sure," I say holding my hands out for Carter, he grabs them and I pull him up, stumbling backwards into Cameron.

"Yeah, we'll meet you out there." Carter says eyeing Nash before pulling me to his side, wrapping an arm around my shoulder.

"Okay," Cameron laughs nudging Nash and they walk off. Carter following behind them and pulling me along next to him.

"Okay, are you guys together or not?" He asks me once the boys are out of ear shot.

"No," I say honestly. We have decided to be traditional and go on dates before anything serious.

Not that we haven't had sex or anything...

"Why not? I mean you guys belong together. The fans wouldn't have made a ship name if it wasn't real. Cammie," He smirks.

I roll my eyes and push his face away from me a little bit and laugh.

"Oh hush. It was real and it'll still be real. He's a hopeless romantic. He's trying so hard to be this perfect boy for me. I don't see why he tries because he could just flat out ask me to be his bae and I'd say yes. I've loved him since way before I met him, Carter." I say simply as we walk out of the building.

I see Phil and smile at him. "Hey, Callie." He smiles giving me a hug as we pass him.

"Sup, bae." I laugh knowing it makes him feel old for some reason. He rolls his eyes at me and walks inside, shaking his head laughing.

"I see... I was your favorite before you met us. Point blank period." Carter tells me and I smile walking ahead of him before turning around and dramatically fake screaming.

"Oh my god I've loved you since like diapers holy shit I'm meeting THEE Carter Reynolds oh my god oh my god. Hold me. Someone please make sure this is real life." I exclaim.

That's exactly what I would have done if I met him right now.

He laughs and wraps his arms around my shoulders in a hug. "Nice to meet you," He grins and I smile leaning up and kissing his cheek.

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