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Although this is a work of non-fiction, names and certain identifying details have been altered. The information contained in this book is in no way meant to be prescriptive and is not meant to be a substitute for seeking medical care. It’s simply the story of the way I’ve come to go about certain things. Never ingest any herb or food supplement without doing your own research first.

I’m grateful to my priceless editor, Julie Molinari, who saw this book much more clearly than I did, and Kate Burkett, who is perhaps the only human on the planet who could have ever gotten me to start Tweeting, Katherine Sears, Ken Shear, artist Kelsey Grafton, and all the production folks at Booktrope. Itʹs a little bit amazing in our day and time to find a press that offers so much support and creative freedom to its authors. I also have to thank Nancy Casey, who nudged me forward and who said, “This story isn’t finished yet.” Proof positive that the one who sticks by you to the end is always the one you least expect.

Always and forever: Lance Olsen and Andi Olsen, for everything, just everything.

I also have to say thank you to my sons, G.H. and D.H., of whom I am so proud and who for over thirty years have been my compass, even when I'ʹm sure to them it didnʹt seem like it.

And, it almost goes without saying: Deep gratitude, Pacman, for willingly serving as my anti-hero, because heroes are so boring.

Readers likely noticed that I’ve mentioned quite a few brand names along the way. No one has paid me to do this. I am a writer, not an ad agent. I mention exact names because those are the brands I used in creating the recipes, and I can attest to the quality of the recipes because I used certain products in them in a certain way. I can’t guarantee outcomes where substitutions are used, but that’s not to say experimentation isn'ʹt encouraged.

The following books and web addresses are places to go for more information on foods or nutritional data included in Blue Moon Vegetarian:

The New Laurel’s Kitchen (2nd edition) by Laurel Robertson, Carol L. Flinders, and Brian Ruppenthal

Follow Your Heart’s Vegetarian Soup Cookbook by Janice Cook Migliaccio

Moosewood Cookbook (1st edition) by Mollie Katzen

Conscious Cuisine by Chef Cary Neff

To Buy or Not to Buy Organic: What You Need to Know to Buy the Healthiest, Safest, Most Earth‑Friendly Food by Cindy Burke

• “My Friend the Garlic Scape” by Kim O’Donnel:

• "Possible Link Between Vitamin D Deficiency, Alzheimer's Disease And Vascular Dementia" by Astrid Engelen:

• "Great Plott! The toughest dog on the planet makes its debut at Westminster." by Richard B. Woodward:

• Oh She Glows’ Our Perfect Veggie Burger Recipe:‐‑perfect-veggie-burger/

• Lightlife:

• Natural Directions Organic:

• Butterfly Herbs, Inc.:

• Tillamook Cheese:

• Nancy’s Cultured Dairy and Soy:

• Don Pancho Authentic Mexican Foods:

• Umpqua Oats:

• Strictly Organic Coffee Company:

• “Food-Related Illness and Death in the United States” by Paul S. Mead, Laurence Slutsker, Vance Dietz, Linda F. McCaig, Joseph S. Bresee, Craig Shapiro, Patricia M. Griffin, and Robert V. Tauxe of Centers for Disease Control and Prevention:

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