Hannah P.O.V.

I woke with an super annoying Irish voice calling my name. Ugh, I rolled over and hitted the person with the pillow. What? I am not a morning person.

"HANNAH!" Another vo- Louis yell in my ear.

"What!" I opened my eyes and got up. In the way I hitted my head with Louis head.

"AH!" We both yelled.

"Hahahahahahaha!" They others where rolling in the ground laughing.

"Not funny" I said crossing my arms.

When they where done laughing they got up from the ground. Yes they where in the ground laughing it wasn't even that funny.

"So... Hannah what do you want to do today?" Liam asked.

"Um, lets make teams of three and wars!" I said jumping.

"Okay, me, Hannah, and Harry are a team" Niall said.

"What?! No my Hazza and my Hannieh" Louis whinnied.

"Shut up Louis"  I said.

"OKAY GAME ON!" Zayn yell.

With that they all ran outside in human speed. They yell and me to get changed into something that isn't my pyjamas. I nodded and went to my bag. I got out a bikini, some shorty shorts (Not the slutty type) and a baggy shirt.

I changed quick and put up my hair into a ponytail. I ran downstairs and saw the Niall and Harry waiting for me. We looked at each other and maybe one of those creepy grins.

We went and made a bunch of balloons. While making them I had breakfast, I just grab stuff and ate eat. After a while we decided to put some other things on the balloons, like chocolate, the liquid of the eggs, milk, and other stuff.

We hided the balloons all over the house. We got some water guns and filled them with ice water. We got some oreos out and the white part we put some toothpaste there. When we where done with the stuff we went to the couch and relaxed. We put some movie I didn't even pay attention to.

When we heard the door close we turned to look at each other. I wonder what they are up to. We heard their foot steps walk away so we relaxed maybe they haven't done anything yet right?

That was until I started to feel things being thrown to us. We looked up and saw the other guys (Louis, Liam, Zayn) throwing all different kind of stuff to us.

We yell and got out from behind the pillows the water guns. We started to throw them water and ran each to the bedroom. We decided to shower and take bath. There was a Jacuzzi, a shower, and a bath tub. There were like glasses around each other them so we each got in one different.

I got on the Jacuzzi, Niall on the shower, and Harry on the bath. When we got out we changed and went to each other. I yell once I saw them, Niall was cover in paint, Harry was cover with mud, and me I don't know.

I looked at myself in the mirror and found out I had now blue hair. What the heck?! I gasped and looked at the other. I let go a huge scream. I could make out laughs downstairs.

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