Chapter 4

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* Cameron's POV *

I had just got back from a photoshoot downtown when I saw her...

"Uhh, hey Emily" I said.

Why was I so nervous around her? I mean yeah, she was pretty, no, not just pretty, beautiful, but still. When it comes to girls I'm usually always smooth and I know what to say, but with her I'm a mess. She's different...

"So you're just gonna stand there?" Nash's voice interrupted.

I was so caught up thinking about Emily I forgot what I was doing.

See, I can't think straight around her.

"Dude are you okay? I think the lights from all those cameras are messing up your head man"

Nash could tell I was a bit off at the moment, hell, everyone could tell. I looked in the living room to see Trish, Carter, and Emily staring back at me.

"Yeah... I mean no. I'm fine, just tired I guess. I'm gonna go change."

I said, noticing I was still in my clothes from the photoshoot.

I glanced at Emily, then walked to my room without saying a word.

I can't believe it. I thought. I just met her. I think I lo-

My thoughts we cut off when I heard a high-pitched scream coming from the other room.

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