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We ran towards the infirmary with Percy in the lead and me right behind him. . I had to keep something else on my mind to keep me from freaking out about Paige. I never would have thought of Ed as a Half-blood. I wonder who his Olympian parent will be.

We burst through the doors just as Chiron turned around. Percy ran full speed into a centaur bear hug. "Are you alright Jackson?" he laughed.

"I'm fine," he grumbled," is Paige?"

"Paige is fine. Her mind just got exhausted from fighting the mummy's Mist tricks. She should wake up around dinner time, so until then I propose that you all go train some." He pushed everyone out except me and Ed. "Thank the gods they left," he sighed.

"Why did you want them to leave and us to stay?" Ed asked as I walked up to Paige. Her shirt was ripped where the mummy cut off her dagger sheath and her eyes were shut tight like she was having a nightmare.

"I figured that Harry would want to see Paige and I needed to inform you of a few things," Chiron said as Paige kicked me in the gut.

"STAY AWAY FROM ME!" she screamed with her eyes still closed.

We tried everything to wake her up, but every time we got close to her she would lash out at us. "Get a Hypnos camper in here now!" Chiron roared.

The Hypnos camper came and got close enough to grab her hand. "It's an eidolon, sent by someone working with the Titans," she said right before Paige's eyes opened to show that they were gold.

"You will regret siding with the Olympians Half-bloods," she said in a voice that wasn't her's. "Kronos will rise again and destroy your precious little safe haven camps. You and the humans will be slaves to the Titans." Her eyes flickered between gold and green for a moment before the other voice cried out and her eyes returned to normal.

"What the crap was that?" my Paige asked as she clutched her head.

"An eidolon," Ed sighed as he helped me off the floor. "Is this normal for around here?"

"You have no clue," Paige sighed as she fell back against the mattress.

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