the wolf children : Ame and Yuki chapter nine

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since we live so close to a mountain it became really cold when it became winter. it was the first time either me or Ame and I'm guessing my mother as well, had ever seen snow. we were so excited that we didn't even wait, we went outside in our pajamas and played in the snow. we ran in the forest and up the hill. the snow didn't seem to slow it down not even my mom so down "this is so much fun!" is the only thing that echoed in our heads. but then something awful happened. I had ran ahead because Ame had stopped to look at something near the stream ,I didn't think too much of it at first though. he was trying to catch a kingfisher, and he would have succeeded but because of the scarf he was wearing ,he tripped and fell into the water. he couldn't swim of course so he was helpless.

I screamed for my mom to come help, but I knew that she wasn't going to make it in time ,so I had to get in and save him myself. he was so cold... when my mother finally arrived she was afraid that he was dead, she picked him up in her arms and called out his name. " Ame! Ame please!" he opened his eyes and said the strangest things " Oh hey mom, guess what I was a kingsfisher, i even thought i'd catch one myself didn't even notice me because i'm a wolf...when i grabed it's neck, i felt like i could do anything..." He said sleepily. A tear fell on his shouldar and he looked up to see mother was crying " mom, why are you crying? what's going on?" Later my mom said she'd never been so scared in her life. After that , Ame turned into a completely different person.

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