The sister

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Chapter Three

Mary Louis walked down O'Connell street towards her sister's house.Mary visited her sister every week because they were brought up that way,she loved her sister and tried to support her in every discussion she made.But when Clare came home with Brian and said they were getting married she didn't support her.She never like Brian,she thought he was marrying her little sister for her money,but when she saw how much Clare loved him she let it drop.

But resently Mary had noticed bruises on Clare and when she had asked her sister how she had got them Clare had said she had fell and quickly changed the subject.That had made Mary even more suspicious of Brian.

When she reached Clare's small apartment she knock twice and waited ,there was abit of shuffling and the sound of the lock being open and Brians face appeared.

What do you want he said in a annoyed tone.

Mary was surprised to see him he was usually at work when she visited,but she didn't let him phase her.Is Clare there?she asked.

No, he replied sternly.

Mary noticed that there was a rotting smell coming from the apartment.Then where is she?

Well how the hell should i know i'm not physic.

Mary didn't appreciate him being rude to her,but she wasn't going to stup to his level.

Well can i come in?

No,replied plainly.

Why can't i come in?

Because i don't want you in my apartment.

Mary couldn't believe him,he had never talked to her like this.And Clare wouldn't go out if she knew Mary was coming to visit,something was defiantly wrong here.

Ok I'll by going then.said Mary.

Brian closed the door in her face.Mary took out her phone and dialled her sisters number.It was ringing and then a phone started to ring in Clare's apartment,finally somebody answered but it wasn't Clare it was Brian.

Mary hung up,what the hell was Brian doing with Clare's phone she never went anywhere without it.

What the F**k was going on!!

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