Chapter 5- Dreams

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                    Chapter 5

Lexie's POV

Don't you just hate it when you're so comfortable in your warm bed, dreaming about marrying Zac Efron and then BAM your alarm clock wakes you up? Yep, that's the type of situation I'm in right now.

I turned my head to see that the time was 5:30. Too early, I thought. I smacked my hand down on the snooze button and instantly fell back asleep.


"Zac, will you take Lexie Halestone as your beloved wife?"

"I do."

"Lexie, will you take Zac Efron as your beloved husband?"


"You may kiss the bride!" Zac slowly leaned in. I leaned on too. His lips slo-"

Instead of the warm feeling of Zac's warm lips, I felt an abrupt coldness. "ALEXIS HALESTONE!" A voice yelled,"GET YOUR LAZY GLUTEUS MAXIMUS OUT OF BED!" Oh shi-uuugar cubes!

I tore my eyelids open and burst out of bed. Half blinded I ran towards the open bathroom door, or what I thought was an open door.

My body smacked into the door, causing my limp body to tumble down. Groaning I forced myself back up. This time I opened the door then entered.


9:05 is what the clock read by the time I was ready. Did I really sleep that long? I guess I never deserved to marry Zac Efron.

Getting a parking space at Benjamin E. May High School wasn't easy, especially if you're 2 hours late. I breathed in a sigh of relief once I saw ONE free parking space. I turned the engine off, grabbed my backback and got out of the car and into the school.


Nash's POV

I always thank God everyday because I don't have to go to public school. Or any school. I take online classes because of my "fame" on vine and EVERYWHERE! I would be harassed by fans if they recognize my face, or should I say my eyes. Curse my blue eyes, they're going to be the death of me.

I didn't realize that I was still in bed until I flipped over and fell off. Of course Cam and Hayes burst through the doors bats in hand. Then they just laughed at the sight of my stupidity. Groaning, I stood up and ran past them.

The aroma of freshly made chocolate chip pancakes filled the air. My mom was THEE BEST. No doubt about it. "Mmmm!" I moaned. 

"Yep, it's your favorite!" My mom said, chuckling. "What was the big loud thump I heard earlier?" I was about to answer when Cam cut in.

"It was just Nash being stupid!" He laughed. I rolled my eyes and sat myself down on one of the chairs.

"That's my Nashy," She gushed. Ignoring her comment I grabbed a plate and servered myself 3 pancakes, an sausage, an hashbrown, and bacon. With a cup of OJ. I love my life.


Lexie's POV

I entered the office as slowly as I could. It was 3rd period, my most disliked period. Why? Because it was Reading. Boring reading, the teacher has such a boring voice that it makes me go to sleep. Plus I didn't do my homework for that class.

By the time I reached the office it was 10:00. Yep, I walked or should I say turtle walked to the office for a mere half hour. "Hello, Ms. Greenly!" I said in a cheery voice. She waved back in response.

"Did you hear that Nash is coming HERE?!" A girl's voice whispered. A small gasp of excitement came next.

"No way! Thee Nash Grier?" She asked.

"No, it's Billy Ray Cyrus!" The other girl retorted. That was the worst comeback ever. I walked past them with 2 things on my mind. Nash coming to Atlanta and Luke holding a girls hand. I hate my life.


A/N: Finally updated! Sorry it's bad! It's just that I've been extremely tired lately. Well, I hoped you enjoyed. (Definitely going to sleep after this) :P

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