Chapter 15

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Bruno's POV

W.O.W Brandon knew how to cook! How did I not know this before now especially with the fact that I live a 10 minute walk away fro his house! And now Carmen is staying here, I think I will be coming over MUCH more often! 

I was sat in the breakfast room waiting for Brandon to finish tarting himself up and for Carmen to get her stuff together.  I was humming along to Moonshine - I had it stuck in my head as the MJT North America 2nd leg of the tour was coming up and that's obviously the opening song!

Carmen walked in at that point... continuing the song.

Carmen: "Moonshine, take us to the starts tonight, take us to that special place, that place we went the last tie, the last time..."

Bruno: "Hey Carm! Nice singing - good to know you know the lyrics"

Carmen: "well I am a hooligan Bruno - I know every word to every one of your songs!"

Bruno: "hmmm a hooligan eh? So that means I've kissed one of my hooligans eh? Hmmm interesting!"

Carmen: "it would appear so Mr Mars it would appear so! Good to know you haven't done it before me"

Bruno: " Nope, not done it before and don't plan on kissing another hooligan - other than you - again"

Carmen: "Well, not sure what to say to that" walking towards me, smiling and brushing her hair back behind her ear

Bruno: "You don't need to move your hair back you know" I said putting her hair back where it was "You look gorgeous just like you are"

Carmen: *blushing* "thanks bruno - you're making me blush here"

Bruno: "yeah you're almost matching those amazing Hawaiian shorts  you got on!"

Carmen: "Haha - always gotta match Bruno - remember that! And thanks, they are my favourite shorts - never fail!"

Bruno: "Never fail to what" I said taking her hand.

Carmen: *looking down at our entwined hands* "to get me what I want"

Bruno: "and what do you want?" I asked, pulling her closer to me.

Carmen: "Now that would be telling...."

Bruno: "Aw - c'mon - or maybe I can guess..."

Carmen: "go on then, you have 3 guesses"

Bruno: "ok, 1 - you wanna know where our date will be"

Carmen: "hmmm not what I really wanna know - although a hint would be nice"

Bruno: "ok 2 - you want to give me another hug...."

Carmen: "possibly..."

Bruno: "OK 3 - final guess - you want this..." 

I leaned in, placed my hand behind Carmen's head and leaned in smiling - Carmen didn't pull away, if anything she leaned in as well - as our lips touched I swear I saw fireworks! I was still sat on the breakfast stool and Carmen moved forward as I pulled her towards me and she settled between my legs, leaning into me as her arms went round my neack, her hands playing with my hair at the nape of my neck.  

I slowly deepened the kiss, my tongue asking Carmen for entry, she didn't resist at all. I pulled her even closer to me, there was no space between us, I crushed her to me, my hands running up and down her back as Carmen ran her hands through my hair and across my shoulders. 

I couldn't help it but I let out a soft moan, it felt SO good to have her in my arms and I felt Carmen smile against my lips and let out a little moan of her own.  I have no idea how long we were kissing for but I finally pulled away... 

Bruno: "Damn I wish we weren't here"

Carmen:~ "Where would you rather be?" she asked, biting her lip and looking at me through those gorgeous eyelashes.

Bruno: "We'd be at mine, having some privacy..."

Carmen: "Well, that does sound appealing.... after our date of course"

Bruno: *still holding onto Carmen* "Ah yes, our date - which will be happening tonight"

Carmen: *still with her arms round my neck* "tonight huh? Sounds good Mars, when are you picking me up?"

Bruno: "Be ready at 7pm - wear something sexy - there MIGHT be dancing involved" 

I leaned in and gave Carmen another kiss, this time nice and gentle - until we hesd someone cough behind us...

*Ahem Ahem Ahem*

We jumped apart sheepishly, both blushing and both looking at the ground, not being able to wipe the grins off our faces.

Brandon: "I leave you alone for like 5 minutes! Honestly! haha - Well I am sorry to interrupt you two lovebirds, but everyone is waiting for us at the beach - and I need a starbucks on the way."

Carmen: "Sorry B - let's go shall we?"

Bruno: "I aint sorry - well I am sorry but only that you walked in Brandon"

Carmen: "Bruno!!!!"

Brandon: *laughing* "Don't worry Carmelita - I' just glad you two are getting together, always thought you'd suit well"

Bruno: "Well we'll see what happens, I'm taking Carmen out tonight is that OK boss man?"

Brandon: "Course Bruno, just make sure she's not out too late"

Carmen: *groaning* "Brandon you are so embarrassing - now I also need a starbucks - let's go mo-fo's!"

Laughing we all walked out to Brandon's soft top Jeep - he took the top down and Carmen hopped in the back whilst I sat up front with Brandon.  Around 45 minutes later we finally arrived at the beach, starbucks in hand and ready to have some fun.  I helped Carmen jump out the car as the door gets stuck and as we stood by the car I automatically put my arm round Carmen's waist - it felt so natural.

Everyone started walking towards us as they parked up and no one mentioned me and Carmen being so close - although we did get some looks!  We headed down the beach, Carmen heading ahead with the girls as they had grabbed her away from me - Cindiah, Onnie, my sisters and the other WAG's all sat down in one area, the boys sat around them, chatting. 

Eric: "So... bro..."

Bruno: "Yeah, brother..." *smirking*

Eric: "You and Carmen eh?"

Bruno: "Dunno what you're on about bro"

Brandon: "That's not what I walked in on earlier"

Bruno:"Brandon, not helping Boss!"

Brandon: "I know!"

Eric: "What did you walk in on?!"

Brandon:"Just them getting up close and personal - nothing too bad but it's clear from the sexual tension something will happen - probably after their DATE tonight!"

Cindiah: "Did I hear the word DATE? Carmen girl are you gonna date my little brother in law?"

Carmen: "OK let me get this out in the open - may as well - YES me and Bruno have kissed, more than once.  YES Brandon walked in on us kissing earlier - JUST kissing I might add. NO we haven't done anything else - if or when or whatever we do, it's between us and no one else. YES he is taking me on a date tonight, no I don't know what the date is other than it might involve dancing. Now can we have some fun and stop making me cringe?"

Everyone stayed silent for a second and laughed - everyone agreed to change the subject and we also decided to play a few games. Starting with boys versus girls, playing water rugby (a totally made up game by me) where we could tackle each other - but 1st team to 5 points wins.

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