Chapter 5

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Jessica's P.O.V

1:30 a.m

Damn! Who in the living God was blasting music at this time of night!? I pulled down my tank , hopped out of bed , grabbed some shorts and a flashlight and tipped downstairs. Somebody was about to get their black asses kicked tonight if I didn't get my sleep! I opened the door carefully and followed the music down the street.

"This is just stupid" I mumbled to myself. Did this person NOT have parents!? "Wow" I said as I came up on the house. It was huge! It had to be the biggest house on our street. The mailbox read: Alliston in italics. Its like I heard that name before .. "Alliston" I repeated to myself. I knocked on the door. No answer. "Well , this is gonna be some kind of night" I said to myself. I knocked again , this time harder. Finally someone opened the door.

"Are you the owner of this house?" I said politely. "Nah , but he's here.. why won't you join us sexy" he said winking at me. I turned up my nose. "Umm , no thank you.. can y'all just turn it down please?" I said . "Some people are trying to sleep , some of us do I have school tomorrow and I would li-- I stopped when I heard screaming. "Get in here" the boy said tugging me and closing the door.

"Get your paws off of me!" I said pushing him. He smirked and moved to the other side of the room. "Trent!" a high pitched voice screamed. Wow , most of the school was here! Except for me.. I never really got invited to parties. Never really cared for them. "Get tf off me bro! You're a f*ckin snake! You little b*tch!" someone said. "Gosh" I whispered pushing through the crowd. Two boys were tumbling down the stairs at full speed! One had on a black shirt the other , red. It looked like the red had the black for a minute but that's when they got at the bottom of the stairs and really went at it! The boy in the black stood up and that's when I noticed him. It was Jermaine. Of course! Alliston! Jermaine was throwing punches from left to right. I then noticed the guy in the rest was Trent! What the hell was going on!?

Jermaine then picked Trent up and slammed him against the brown colored wall , causing him to grunt in pain. Before anything else could happen , a tall and lean brunette got in the middle. It looked like Hannah. "Guys! Stop!" she said trying to hold Jermaine off. He was still reaching for Trent when a really buff guy grabbed Jermaine and sat him down. Trent was hurt pretty bad. His eye was black and purple , and he had a greenish bruise on his neck. Wait , I looked closer. Never mind that was hickey -_- . His mouth was swollen and he had a huge gash on the left side of his face. Whatever it was , J was pretty pissed about it.

Like things could have gotten any worse , this Hispanic chick with a sheet wrapped around her tip toed down the stairs. Oh. My.God.. Allison. Jermaine's girlfriend. Why was she wrapped in sheets? I then looked at Trent who had his shirt off. I quickly put two and two together.. Oh gees...

Everyone gasped. She then smiled shyly and ran back upstairs. This night wasn't going to get any better. At least someone turned off the music. Everybody turned quiet. Trent made his way back upstairs with Hannah following and Jermaine was cooling off at the bar. As I was quietly walking toward the door and what sounded like a gun shot came from the kitchen.

"Everybody get the hell outta my house!" Jermaine screamed. Gosh , his voice was powerful. If you looked at Jermaine you never would've thought he could fight nor sound like this! "Get the hell out!" he screamed again. I then heard footsteps coming from the stairs and knew exacrly who that was. Everybody dropped their drinks , blunts , and whatever else they had in their hands at the time and scurried out. I did also but was knocked over on the way. "Ow , damn" I said holding my head. This was the disadvantage of being short.

I then heard the door slam. No.. No! I quickly stood up but I heard a voice from behind me scream , "Didn't I tell y'all mofo's to get the he-- he stopped when I turned around.

His face went from stone cold to as soft as a baby chicken's fur. I then stood up right. "I-I- I wa-s j-just leaving I staggered nervously. "I'm sorry" I said reaching for the door. He softly put his hand on my wrist. "This isn't the kind of environment you should be in.. why are you here?" he said. I loosened up. "I tries to sleep , but I couldn't because if the noise.. so I came over to ask if y'all could turn it down.. a-and I came up on this" I said walking towards the living room. He plopped down and put his head in his hands.

I felt really sorry for him. I didn't know what to say or do so I just sat down. I thought he just needed someone there with him. I broke the silence.

"What exactly happened.. if you dont mind me asking? I said moving to the seat beside him. He was quiet for a few minutes then spoke.

"My boy Trent ... well my now sworn enemy asked for a drink" he started. "I said yeah bro I gotcha.. he trailed off. "When I turned back around with his drink he was gone. I didn't think anything of it until Chris asked where Allison was , I then went and looked for her , but when I passed by my door it was closed" he said. "And I remember leaving it open before everyone came , I heard mumbling and when I walked in there was Trent on top of Allison" he said. I saw a tear escape.

"I-Im so sorry" I said. He wiped it away and nodded. I rubbed his back until he smiled. The least I could do was comfort the guy.. look what just happened!

"Shouldn't you be heading home? Its 2 a.m" he said getting up. "I guess you're right.. do you need any help cleaning up?" I asked. "No , no I'm fine.. thank you" he said smiling. There's that smile.

"You're welcome" I said smiling back shutting the door behind me. I took the flashlight and turned it back on and headed for my house.

When I got back in , all was still quiet. I could still here my dad's snoring and the water going tap-tap-tap-tap. While I was putting the flashlight back in its respected place , the light turned on.

"Mom!" I said. "You scares the bejeezus outta me!" I said closing the drawer. She smiled. "What are you doing up at this time of night?" she asked scratching her head and heading for the refrigerator. I quickly thought of something.

"Oh .. Uhh.. same as you just getting a snack" I said grabbing an apple. "Night mom" I said kissing her on the cheek. "Night" she said.

I closed my bedroom door , slipped off my shorts and bundled up under the covers. "That was close" I said to myself.

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