Chapter 7~

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i erased the thought out of my head because we're not even dating, i just .....i dont know! the sun was like burning hot outside so i decided maybe ill go to the beach, get some color, man i hate not having friends, im like this loner, who always goes out by herself , i wanna go shopping with my friends, tanning with them.... i removed this thought ALSO out of my head and grabbed my beach bag, getting in it all my need stuff like a towel a bottle of bronzer and some other things.... i put on my bikini and went to the beach my mom was already at work.

*at the beach*

i went and layed my stuff next to my chair and laid down and put my earphones on, closing my eyes while tapping my foot hearing to some music while i tan! then i felt a tapped on my shoulder i opened my eyes to find a tall hot guy looking down at me and smiling

me: um hi

i said removing my earphone

?: hi im niall and u r beautiful?

me; *blush* im yn, wait aren't you from one direction?

niall: well a beautiful girl with a beautiful name :) *laughing* and yh

me: thank u

niall: would u like a drink?

me: sure

he just smiled i got up and followed him, i was walking next to him, every like 3 seconds he turns his head and smiles at me, i smiled back !

we went and sat in this bar thing and he ordered 2 smoothies, after like few minutes he payed for both of the drinks and i thanked him! he grabbed my hand and began running, i laughed cz my drink wa about to fall he was laughing too, but then he stopped as we were in front of the beach it was like beautiful, with waves crashing on the shore we were both staring until he intertwined his finger on mine, i loved this feeling, i've never experiences it before! then we started having a walk on the beach, itt was really amazing, we both were drinking our smoothing and it was really quiet, only the sound of waves crashing was up, but then i broke it

me: ohh brain freeze

he looked at me and laughed! i made this face which was really awkward because it made him laugh even more! i smiled we walked like three times! my feet hurts so we sat on the sand! he stood up and ran, he grabbed a surfboard and rode the waves! okay i know these actions.... was he like trying to impress me ? cz its r working!

he began to surf it was really hot, the way he did, the way his body moves, the way his hair flip while water is flipping with i ! GODD ! i smiled but then he came to me and carried me bridal style!


he didn't listen to me, he just did!

niall: wanna try to surf? i could teach u?

i bit my lip and nodded, he smiled, he began like teaching me how to sit on it and stuff, the feeling of his touches , i bit my lips, he laughed cz he saw me ! then i tried to do it, hey this is fun, i got some difficulties at first, but i got the hang of it, i returned to where niall was standing, he was smiling

me: WOW that was hella fun

niall: *laughing* hella?

me: what?

we both started laughing, he took the surfboard out of my hand and we walked and talked on the beach, we got to know each other more and he was really sweet , and funny ! haha how do i bump into celebrities or they come to me,! haha its weird! anyways i've seen how directioners say food jokes with niall it makes me laugh, well he told me his fans are crazy but he gotta adore them! he was so sweet, he reminded me of justin....

i miss him......

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