Justin or "Jace"

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          One day there was this boy, he was very young but with a caring heart, his name is Justin. Justin is the type of boy who goes out into the streets, in his neighborhood or even his community and ask others if they needed help or not. He didn't care if he knew the person, he would always ask no matter what. Justin one day was out in his neighborhood asking children and adults if they needed help.

          "Help!" a young woman yelled. Justin ran as fast as he could to see what was going on.

          "Help! A truck is coming and my children won't move out the way!" the young woman cried out.

          Justin looked side to side as fast as he could to spot the kids. He spotted a young girl and boy playing together in the streets, and not to far was a truck. Justin ran as fast as he could to get to the kids and move them out of the way in time. Right before the truck had come, Justin scooped down and grabbed both of the kids and ran to the sidewalk. He put the kids down and they ran to the young woman, their mother. The mother hugged them both tightly and was crying at the same time, but was happy to have them in her arms.

          "Thank you! Oh thank you so much, I wouldn't know what I would do if you weren't there." the woman thanked Justin.

          "It was my pleasure, I'm always out here helping others." Justin smiled and shook the young girl and boy's hand.

          What Justin didn't notice was there was this one man watching him the whole time, but what was different about this man he had disgusted look on his face, for what he does especially Justin himself.

          Justin was walking down the sidewalk, proud as he can be and came across "the man."

          "Do you need any help sir?" asked Justin.

          "No..." the man mumbled under his breath, hoping Justin didn't hear him, but he did.

          "Sir, if there is anything I can help you with, anything! Just--"

          "NO! there's nothing I need from YOU!" the man yelled at Justin, pointing at him the same time.

         "Can I at least know your name?" Justin whispered politely.

         "Mikey..." the man said, then walked away.

         Justin looked down in disappointment, no one has ever said no to him. He walked away slowly back to his house.

         For the past couple of days, Mikey kept saying no every time Justin asked him for help. One day Justin disguised himself as another person and went around being named "Jace." Mikey was really happy that Justin wasn't here, but today he really did need help and actually wished that Justin was here. "Jace" was walking by when Mikey groaned in pain. "Jace" quickly walked up to him.

          "Can I help you sir?" asked "Jace" to Mikey.

          "Yes, please I think I sprained my ankle, do you mind if you take me to the hospital? Mikey asked, groaning at the same time.

          "Jace" took Mikey's arm and put it around his shoulders, helping him into his car which was down the street. "Jace" drove down to to the hospital and took Mikey inside.

          "Thank you so much, I wouldn't be here if you weren't out there helping others." Mikey said with a smile.

          "Anytime Mikey." "Jace" said with a grin.

          "H-how do you know my name, I never told you?" Mikey asked, stuttering at the same time.

          "Jace" then tuned around and took off his disguise and turned back into himself, Justin, then he looked back at Mikey.

          "Your that kid who kept asking me if I needed help, aren't you?" Mikey asked trying to stay calm.

          "Yes, yes I am. Is their a problem?" Justin replied.

          "Actually no there isn't, I just wan to thank you." he said pointing at Justin.

          Justin stood there in shook, not believing what he was hearing.

          "Your a good kid, don't let anyone down." Mikey said patting his shoulders.

          "Thank you." Justin stuttered out in shock, still.

          Mikey went with the doctor to get his ankle checked out and Justin was about to leave until Mikey called out to him.

          "Hey kid, what is your name?"

          "Justin..." he replied.

          "It was nice meeting you Justin, thanks again." Mikey said to him.

          "You too Mikey." he said with a smile.

          With that said they both walked away, Justin being proud of what he had just done and Mikey being glad of letting Justin help him. If it wasn't for the trust that Mikey had in Justin, he wouldn't be in this position right now.

                                       The End

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