The next day was filled with surprises. Jack had gone all out (might I add he had pretty much less than 24 hours) planning our date. Literally.

​I woke up this morning with somebody straddling me. When I opened my eyes, I saw a 'hey cutie, I just got out of bed' look from Jack, who was also the person straddling me. I arched my back to stretch, while Jack was still sitting on me. I noticed that when I stretched, I involuntarily grinded ​​​​against Jack, causing him to let out a small whimper. I'm 100% sure that if this date tonight goes well, I'm getting lucky {if you know what I mean *hint, hint*}. I yawned and smiled at him.

​"Is there any reason as to why you were sitting on top of me and watching me sleep?" I asked him, while he just flashed me a smile, rolled his eyes and lent down to kiss me.

​"Wanted to see how you look when you wake up," he replied when he pulled away, fiddling with his fingers and blushing. 


​"You're hella cute when you first wake up," he replied shyly. For whatever reason he was being so shy, I don't know. But I kind of liked it, it was so fucking adorable.

​"Don't be shy and just kiss me already." I blurted out.​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​ Oh god. That wasn't supposed to come out. My eyes went wide as his head jolted up. He looked shocked; I'd be too. I'm never that straight forward. Then he grinned and slowly leant down, leaving me impatient and grabbing him by the shirt, pulling his lips down to mine.

Our lips moved in sync, and yet another perfect kiss. After a few seconds, I pulled away, leaving him to pout. I rested my forehead on his and chuckled lightly.

"That's adorable," I said. "You're pouting." I giggled and bit my lip. I gazed into his eyes, watching them flicker down to my lips and back up to my eyes. His pupils were dilated, and filled with lust. How could he be lustful already?

Even though he's horny, his eyes still twinkled when they met mine. He's either gotta wait to get off tonight, or do it in the bathroom, because we are not doing this now.

I'm still wondering how he got horny just by looking at my lips...or had he been horny this entire time and I didn't notice? We'd been sitting there, well, I was lying there and he was sitting on top of me, just gazing into each other's eyes for about 5-10 minutes. His eyes. They're just...beautiful, dark brown eyes that I could melt into, which is what was happening to me now.

Just then, Rian barged into he room, breaking the comfortable silence we had.

"Hey Alex --" Rian said, opening the door. " I interrupting something? I can come back later..?" I shook my head.

"Uh, no, you weren't. I actually just woke up a few minutes ago with him sitting on me," I responded. "What's up?" Rian looked skeptical, but came in and sat down on my bed, and Jack moved to the side of me.

"Well, I was wondering when you're free? Matt recorded your performance yesterday, and since they've already heard me, Jack and Zack, he and Hopeless wanted all of us to play a gig at the local bar and possibly get a record deal with Hopeless." he said. Holy shit, a record deal?!

"No way!" Jack and I shouted at the same time. Rian nodded.

"I'm free whenever," I said. "I'd be happy to play a gig." Rian's face brightened with joy.

"Sweet! We've got a gig at Hurricane Bay tomorrow night! What songs should we play?"

"Definitely Painting Flowers," Jack said. "He can sing it to me." I smiled and blushed. God, he's just a cute little fucker, isn't he?

"Okay, Painting Flowers it is," Rian smirked. "Alex, do you have Amy other lyrics?" I nodded.

"Of course," I replied, grabbing my book. "You guys can look through my song book and choose the ones you like while I'm in the shower. How many songs are we playing?"

"Sweet," Rian replied. "It's a 5-song set. How about before you get into the shower, the 3 of us look through it and pick the 4 we like best and when Zack gets here, he can pick his top four, then deliberate?" I nodded.

"That's a great idea," Jack said. "Alex goes first since it's his book." I rolled my eyes and looked through my book. I already which two I want, just need to pick two more.

Looking through the book, I came to the conclusion that my top 4 were Damned If I Do Ya, Six Feet Under The Stars, Therapy, & Coffee Shop Soundtrack.

"Okay, so I choose Damned If I Do Ya, Six Feet Under The Stars, Therapy, and Coffee Shop Soundtrack," I replied. "Who wants it--" Jack snatched the book out if my hands.

"Okay, Jack gets it next." I said.

"Lex, these lyrics are amazing!" Jack exclaimed. I grinned and poked his side.

"Shush, what songs did you choose?" I asked as Jack flinched at my index finger on the side of him. He closed the book for a minute and slowly turned his head towards me, looking completely emotionless. To be honest, that didn't look pleasant.

Jack put down the lyric booklet and lunged at my sides, and Rian pulled him off. Thank fucking God, I knew what Jack was going to do, and I hated being tickled.

"Jack, get off Alex and pick your goddamn songs already!" Rian shouted, pulling the skunk haired boy off of me.

"Thank you Rian," I breathed. "You saved my life." Rian just laughed and handed the book to Jack.

"No problem." he replied.

"Kay, I got 'em!" Jack called out. "I think we should play Damned If I Do Ya, Jasey Rae, Therapy, & Somewhere In Neverland." Jack handed the booklet to Rian and for the next 10 minutes, Jack and I were being cute with each other. Little stolen kisses and cuddles. It was honestly adorable. And we're not even dating yet.

"Alright, I think we should definitely play The Irony of Choking on a Lifesaver, I Feel Like Dancin', Coffee Shop Soundtrack, & Jasey Rae." Rian said, closing the booklet and handing it to me. I took it from him and set it down on my bedside table.

"Good choices," I said. "Well, I'm gonna get in the shower now. If Zack comes over while I'm in there, just tell him we chose songs and he'll say which ones he likes best. He's already heard them all, so he doesn't need to look at the book. He'll just give 'em to ya right away. And I'm one hundred percent sure that he's going to choose The Party Scene, Running From Lions, Come One, Come All, and A Daydream Away. Don't say I didn't warn you." I winked and kissed Jack's cheek before getting up and going into the bathroom.

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