"Yesterday is history, tomorrow is a mystery, today is God's gift, that's why we call it the present."

- Joan Rivers

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I let the water drip down my spine and slick my hair back to take in all the warmth. I close my eyes in relaxation, as I take in every last drop of my morning showers. Once I finished, I took an aspirin and viewed myself from the mirror. I looked better than when I just woke up.

After the movie last night, I couldn't help but bring myself to tears as I fall to sleep. I was crushing on someone again, and he would probably become a player just like Damien and all other guys in the world. I sighed again of the memory.

I began prepping up just for a day out. I needed to figure out what the next test would be like. I also needed to stay calm. If I keep acting like myself, my matches would probably be paired with psychotic men, who are just too rowdy. And those kinds were the complete opposite of my taste.

I decided I need fresh air. I needed to clear my mind. Slipping by Jade, who was still knocked out from last night, I rolled the sleeves of my sweater and took a few advil pills to kill my hangover. From that point, I was cautious of what I was drinking. It is bad for me anyways.

The Facility was really almost completely white. The exterior of it was so modern, it felt like everything was just glass. There were some features that reminded us what history looked like back in the day, such as the nice cobblestone pathways, the nice flora lain on a floor of dark colored pebbles, and some lamp psts that held little boom boxes inside for the sounds of nature to be heard around each foot of the area.

"Ms. Grace," I saw a middle-aged woman with faire dark hair that ended straight around her shoulders. The only color she wore was white, that lavished into a fine suit with silver heels. She greeted me with a smile, "How are you, today?"

I nodded, "I am doing well. Excuse me, though, but how do you know my name?"

The woman chuckled humbly, placing a hand over her stomach, "My apologies. My name is Ms. White, I am the founder of this facility and discoverer of the Scope testing system." She extended her hand for a shake, which I took.

"It is a pleasure to meet you, Ms. White." I greeted. Blood boiled inside and butterflies were once again swerving across the area. I was nervous. I observed her features, looking at how her eyes swerled with small specks of violet mixed in with brown. Her lips looked twisted, emphasizing her bottom lip and how they both look plump and puckered. Her cheekbones were visible, making her whole body look slightly slimmer, yet chiseled with curves. I was jealous, I'd have to say.

Ms. White smiled more, jumped a little in place, turning around to show me a small poster. "I would just like to warn you about something," she began, "We are searching for this man, who is currently roaming around the premises. He's highly dangerous, so be cautious. We are going to alarm everyone soon, so please be aware, and if you ever see him, please notify any one us, or any security guard. He needs to be stopped."

I looked at the face plastered on the poster in front of me, shocked by he image. It displayed a mugshot that looked like Parker, but with dirty blonde hair. He showed a little expression of anger, and he did indeed look dangerous. My eyes widened a little with a squeak escaping my mouth.

"What did he do?" I ask, out of curiosity.

"He's dangerous," She stated, "He has been trying to ruin the Scope test ever since he started taking it, and he is damaging our system. He's trying to ruin our future before us, and he must be stopped. He is not who you think he is, he will murder you, and he will make sure that his target is watched at all times. So far, he has killed three women. His next target can be anyone from this system. He will be persecuted when caught, and exiled to a slow and painful death."

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