chapter 2

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While me and b walking to our lockers we noticed people just staring like really staring at us.

Damn wtf yall lookin at b yelled. All i cud do is laugh. So anyways me and b walking to first period and I bump into this dude right. When i tellll u he was fineeeee! He was lightskin and he had dimples lord thats my weakness right dea babyy ! He had a fresh cut and he had hazel eyes.


So im walking until i accidentally bump into this fine ass red bone. I knew I had to start chatting it up wit shawtyy.

Me: Ma bad shawtyy whats ur name.

Her: She laughed and said Ava, and its ok.

Me: O well u shud lemme get ya number

Ava: maybe next timee but whats ur name

Me: Omar

Ava: ooh well byee omar witcha fine ass

Me: bye cute ass

She laughed and i just smiled and she blushed. I have that affect on fees. Anyways Im omar if ya didnt know ahh sell drugs but fuck it u cant judge me shidd nigga get paid outchea ! I have a gf but tbh i just wan fuck her , but she just found out she was pregnant. Man thats that hurt but its whatevva though i still got my eyes on miss Ava.


So the lightskin dude name Omar or whateva . God just dont know i wanted to give him my number so bad but Ava Montano always plays hard to get. He will be mine.

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