Chapter 3

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"Ronnie! Hurry up in there!" Becca called, banging on our tiny bathroom door.

"I'm coming, I'm coming!" I yelled, brushing my hair. It fell in long, blonde, waves over my shoulders. I pondered a moment, kind of laughing to myself. That's one thing I'd noticed whilst I'd been in London.... there weren't many blondes around here. More or less, a shit load of brunettes.

I did a once over in the mirror, making sure my outfit wasn't creased.

The pair of white skinny jeans adorning my legs made me look a bit taller than I actually was, and the cobalt blue tank top hugged my figure perfectly. Blue flats were the last touch to my outfit, my eyes anxiously scanning the mirror.

The pounding Becca was creating on the bathroom door distracts my thoughts, getting louder by the second.

"Ronnieeeee! Are you ready yet?!" Becca calls.

I open the door, laughing. "Calm your tits, will you? I needed to make sure I looked okay!"

I look over her outfit, and she does the same to mine.

"Well look great!" She smiles.

"Thanks. You look nice too!" I remark, taking in her black skirt and hot pink top.

Her arms fold over her chest as she smirks.

"I know. Now, lets go!" she chimes, grabbing my arm and pulling me out the door.

"A-are you sure I look ok?" I ask, biting my bottom lip as we wait for the elevator. Becca gives me a knowing look, raising her eyebrow.

"Ron, you look fine. Everyone's gonna love you, you've got absolutely nothing to worry about! And besides, I'm going to be right next to you the entire time. Just chill," she reassures me, dragging me into the open doors of the elevator.

I pick at my nails the entire way there, nervously opening and closing my palms.

Becca takes notices in my nervous behavior, sighing heavily.

"What did I just say, Ronnie? You are going to be just fine," Becca smiles, leading me up a path.

The sound of loud music and yelling  fills my ears as we near a tall frat house. I glance at all the people standing on the lawn, red plastic cups in their hands.

We enter the house, the music blaring.

"Becca! You made it!" A girl with short black hair immediately calls as we walk in. Becca smiles, hugging her.

"Who's this?" the girl yells over the music, gesturing to me.

"This is Ronnie! She's the one from America!" Becca yells, smiling at me. I wave, a shy smile on my face.

"I'm Angela! Nice to meet you Ronnie!" The girl smiles, hugging me.

"Nice to meet you too!" I politely remark, hugging her hesitantly.

"Are you ready to see how us Brits party?!" Angela chimed, looking back over at Becca. I nod, following her through the crowds of dancing people.

Becca smiles encouragingly, pushing me in front of her as we near a group of kids. It's almost pitch black, aside from the flashing lights and strobes placed about the room.

When she said there was a party at her friends dorm, I didn't expect to see this many people...... or the fact that her friends dorm wasn't really a dorm at all, but more like a large house.

Becca introduces me to a few more people, all of whom were very nice. But it isn't long before I hear my name being called in a shrill voice. I turned around to see none other than Kate, pushing her way towards me.

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