Chapter 1: Awakening

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Despair's Cure Academy. A school for troubled but gifted teenagers. It's a sister school to Hope's Peak Academy in some odd way, I guess since it provides the same promise to their students; a brighter future for anyone who graduates.

Unfortunately, I ended up in Despair's Cure, for whatever reason, my mom either thinks I'm troubled or I've done something awful that I cannot recall.

I'm Ari Morizuka, I go to the school's American rendition, right across from the American Hope's Peak. I did envy the other students looking up at that school. I was here dreading my first day. It may promise me to fulfill my dreams, but this was still a correctionary school, it would be a lot worse.

I was a little late, so I decided it be best that I try not to be so late for class.

I picked up the pace and ran through the front gates, and into the school, the lobby was grand and large with two twin staircases on either side. I had no time to admire my surroundings, because when I tried, it all became too blurry and I fell over with a thud.

When I woke up, I realized I was no longer alone. Sitting on the desk next to me was a tall, skinny, blonde boy with wavy bangs that swooped over his forehead, and eyes as blue as the ocean.

How attractive he appeared wasn't important, more so how I managed to go from the lobby to this classroom, why I'm passed out on the floor, and who he even was.

"Hey, you're awake." he smiled, hopping down an lending me a hand.

I groaned as I got up, there was a sudden shooting pain in my head, it had to be the worse migraine in the history of the universe.

The classroom looked simple, it had rows of desks, a whiteboard, a desk in the back for the teacher, and so on and so forth.

"I've been waiting for you to wake up, check out these windows." the boy pointed a finger over to the windows, which were bolted shut with metal plates.

Despite my headache, I rushed over to the barriers and attempted to yank one off, but to no avail.

"I already tried that, these things are no joke," he said, "but while we're at it, I'm Jay Curtis. Super Highschool Level Airsofter."

I rolled my eyes and put on a smile, "I'm Ari Morizuka, Super Duper Highschool Vocalist. Hey, can the door be opened?" I asked.

Yeah, I was a little frustrated, but I always try to be nice to people. I've seen situations like this in the movies, and if you're a pain in the ass, you're screwed.

"I didn't try it." he said, though I was already heading to the door.

"Hey slow down," he called, following, "we need a strategy, maybe find other people, someone who knows what's up-"

"Door's open, let's go." I interrupted, dashing out into the open hallways.

Jay could follow closely since his legs were probably more than half my size. Which, of course, is a huge exaggeration, but the gist was that he was tall and fast.

"You act before you think, don't you?" he asked, keeping pace next to me.

"I think as I go." I said, eyes dead ahead on the next hallway, which I could either go left or right in.

"And you have no plan whatsoever, correct?"

"Corre- SHIT!" I skidded to a halt as I realized I was about to hit another pair of kids.

"Hey! Watch it!" one shouted as I nearly ran I to him.

"Sorry! I couldn't since, you were kind of around the fucking corn-"

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