Kendrick POV

Here she go with this bull again. I picked her up so we could ride too school together and she want to start early this morning. She was still mad that I blew off sex with her to write music with Miko. Sometimes I like connecting on a intellectual level, and I get that when I'm around Miko. Sherrane was alright for what she was but she was only about fucking, she let her ass get her into all sorts of shit. She let all these niggas Fuck and duck her without any retaliation. Miko was nothing like that she was sweet, honest, talented, and gorgeous. Not to mention she was a hustler in her own right, and she was smart as fuck.

I continued to let Sharrane yell my ear off as I thought about why Miko and me never hooked up on that level. I mean we perfect for each other right? "Are you listening to me Kendrick? Kendrick! " she yelled pulling me from my thoughts. "I'm not messing round on you Sherrane, I don't know why you don't believe me." Nigga, I don't trust no Niggas." she snapped back rolling her neck. Ratchet ass female.

When we got in the school she still wanted to argue. I was trying to calm her down but she want to get all hype once she saw the crowd form around us. She was so comfortable telling me that I was sleeping with Miko, I don't even think she saw her walk up beside me. "What up. " Miko said posting up next to me. "You always with her, just tell me the truth." Sherrane told me after rolling her eyes at Miko. I turned towards Miko. "Man tell this girl we ain't fucking." Before I knew it Sherrane's hand came across my face slapping me,and before I could react to that Miko was on top of her beating her ass. I pulled her off her and drug her down the hall. I knew this shit was gone be on all the social networks, cause somebody yelled World Star!

I got Miko to calm down more we were on our way to her house. No school for us today. We got to her house and as soon as she hit the hard wood floor she was blazing up. "You good?" I asked. "Hell nah, that bitch got me fucked up bruh." She was really mad at what just happened. She started to pace around the house, the floor creaked with every stomp she made.

"Just calm down, its over with...I don't know why you went so hard anyway." "That Bitch slapped you and I went too hard, nigga really?"
She was so hype for no reason at all. She continued to inhale and exhale the smoke. "How long you been wanting do that?" I asked only cause I was curious. "What?" "How long you been wanting to fight her?" "Man." she dragged that out not wanting to answer. "Why you got a problem with her anyway?" I asked. I say down beside her she wouldn't look at me. "Look at me." She looked into my eyes after blowing the smoke out. Her lips were so beautiful. I leaned down and kissed her softly. She didn't pull away so i figured I would go for it.

Miko POV

I was high so I really couldn't process what was going on. The fight that happened wasn't because I was defending Kendrick. I did it because every since I could remember, I loved him. He was the one I was supposed to be with. I tell him my secrets, he tells me his. I wonder if he knows how I feel. I was too hype after the fight tho. Nigga gone tell me I went too hard. The hell he mean.

"How long you been wanting do that?" he asked. "what?" "how long you been wanting to fight her?" "Man." I said dragging it out, because I was tying to avoid answering. I sat on the couch and he sat next to me. "Look at me." he told me and I looked up into those beautiful brown eyes. He was gorgeous. He leaned down and kissed me, I kissed back not even pushing him away. Before I knew it I was on my back damn near naked. What the hell kind of weed was I smoking?

"Kendrick wait... stop." I said pushing him off just enough so we could look at each other. "What's wrong, what I do?" he asked. I sat up all the way on the sofa. "Don't be scared, I got you." he said as he nudged me to lie back down. "No, I can't...we can't do this." I was stumbling all over my words. I started putting my clothes back on. "Maybe you should go." I told him not even able to look him in the eyes. "Miko, what did I do?" he asked he sounded so sad. "Just go Kendrick!" I yelled tears starting to flow freely down my cheeks. He didn't even question why I was crying he just put his head down and left.

Kendrick POV

I had been waiting for this moment for so long and when it finally happens she backs out. I don't know what I did but she started freaking out. If you ain't want me to touch you or kiss you, be all in your space like that you would have said something when the kiss was initiated. Why would you wait til we get to second base to tell me to stop. I'm pissed the fuck off, and I'm not bout to have blue balls. I shouldn't have but when she kicked me out I called Sherrane. "Yo can we talk..yea where you at home...alright I'll be there. I sent Miko a quick text:

me: whatever I did I'm sorry, I didn't mean to make you feel uncomfortable

I waited for her response but she never did. I finally made it to Sherrane's house. "Hey." I said stuffing my hands into my pockets. She sucked her teeth pulling me in the house. "You need to control you bitches Kendrick." she said. "Man come on don't start, i din't want to hear that shit, I'm not fucking that girl...we just best friends." "Um hum." she said sitting that fat ass on my lap. I wrapped my arms around her waist. "Turn around." I told her and she straddled me. " Im sorry bout yo face." I told her apologizing for her getting beat up by Miko. "Um hum." she said, "you better be." she kissed me then roamed her way down to unloosen my belt buckle. She knew where I needed her right now.





I watched Miko perform tonight, she was a lil off her game tho. I don't know what she was thinking about. Maybe she will do better for her second set. I listened to the beat drop and recognized the song instantly.

I am Alice, I'm in Wonderland...where's the rabbit?

He is late again. Goodness gracious,

I can't wait for him, who has got the time...

round and round and round and round we go,

it's just like the same scenario...

good for nothing, seems like something ain't right..

I might..

I might've gotten way too high

Damn, was she directing that towards me? I waited for her to finish and change so I could meet her outside and give her a ride home. I almost forgot that Sherrane was sitting here with me, I don't even know why I let her talk me into letting her come.

"Why we waiting out here Kendrick?" she asked suddenly agitating the fuck outta me. "I'm waiting for Miko." "Why?" she said shifting her weight to her other leg. "Calm yo ass down girl, damn."

Miko walked out and continued walking. "Aye Mimi, wait up!" I called behind her. She slowed down. "What?" she said as she turned around. "Let me give you a ride." "Nah, I'm good." "Come on it's late." "i'm good." she said starting to cry. "Man what did I do? Tell me what I did." She let the tears fall but talked as they did making this already dramatic scene way more dramatic. "You didn't do anything, except make me love you...I think we need to not like be friends or something, I can't focus." "What?" Nothing she was saying to me made any sense. "I don't understand." "You a nigga, I know what you want I can't give you that right now, I got shit to be concerned with, I got a family that needs me, I can't do this with you right now..or ever Kendrick." She went to walk away but I grabbed her arm and pulled her into me. Did she just say she loved me. "You love me Miko?" she sniffled and I wiped the remaining tears from her cheeks. "I can't Kendrick." she said. I pressed my lips into hers. "let's try." I said. I don't even know what I wanted to try with her I just didn't want her to feel like she couldn't be around me anymore. "We can't." she said pulling away from me. She pulled the hoodie over her head and walked away.





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