Taylor's P.O.V.

I walk up to the boys. I stand in front of the TV, blocking their view. They all start to whine.

"Boys I have news" I shout at them giggling like mad

"And what is it?" Harry said

"Ana, Adrienne, my other best friend Lexi, and Dianna are coming" I said

Zayn and Niall scream and start running everywhere. I fall over laughing. That's why I love them so much, they can make me laugh.

They ran over and picked me up. I looked at Louis. He just smiled and laughed along.

"Boys put her down" Liam shouted

They put me down, and just started happy dancing again.

"Thanks Liam, and boys they'll be here tomorrow" I say

"Yes" Niall and Zayn shout running to there rooms

"Later boys" I say

I kissed Lou cheek and went to my room. Tomorrow my best friends are COMING!!

Sorry it was short!

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