Chapter 10

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-1 week later-

King POV

I woke up early since a nigga had practice today, time to ball up. I changed in basketball shorts and a white shirt and headed out

"Boy you ain't gonna eat?"

"Yea mom"

I forgot about eating since I have to make a drop before practice. My mom still ain't got a job that don't mean shit, bills still need to be paid and I'm the I only one that could do that.

"Damn mom this shit is bomb!"

I said as I shoved the pancake in my mouth

"Mouth close & thank you. Ima work tonight"

She said smiling

"Ohh shit where at?"

"The hospital in Crenshaw"

I nodded and continue to eat

"Okay moms good luck and text me if you need anything"

I kissed her cheek and left. I need to take care of my mom no one else will. I walked down the street when I seen a low low roll up I knew for a fact it wasn't from here so y'all know how smart I am I threw my hood up let them niggas know wassup. The car passed through me tinted windows & everything, a nigga was ready to fight but they just passed through me like nothing.


"Yoo nigga we need to go to the hospital"

Dijion said which made a nigga panic

"Wtf why???"

"Chanel broke her ankle at her job so I need to pick her up"

"Nigga why you giving me a heart attack but okay let head out"

The drive from the valley to Crenshaw was far AF fuck

"Eyy nigga stop at McDonald's"

He gave a wtf look

"What a nigga hungry"

"Shit me too"

We went into the drive through and a nigga got 20 chicken nuggets

"Eyy should we take chanel some?"

He sighed

"Yea I mean she would appreciate me more"

"Aight what she like?"


"Girl thank you so much"

I hugged my friend that laid in bed one more time

"Girl is good"

Chanel and I met in nursing school well she was my tutor and I hit her up and thanks to her I got this job!

"I feel bad you dislocated your ankle"

"This shit hurts and stupid as Dijon is taking forever! I called his ass an hour ago"

I slightly laughed when I heard commotion

"I bet is him and his stupid ass friends no wonder he took forever"

I was facing her when they came in

"Hey baby"

"Don't you hey baby me! Nigga where the fuck where you huh?"

"A nigga got hungry"

Another too familiar voice answer, I slowly turned around, to see him again

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