Eight: Frank Iero - The Next Great Con-Artist

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Heaven Help Us // [Frerard]

Chapter Eight: Frank Iero - The Next Great Con-Artist

"So how was your first day?"

I jumped back at the unexpected voice from behind, only to crash into them and send us both flying and almost tumbling to the floor but, thankfully, I was caught my a strong pair of hands belonging to no other than Father Gerard himself.

"Uh, sorry. I didn't mean to scare you," he said, keeping a hold of my shoulders to make sure I reclaimed my balance properly.

"Fuck you," I said, catching my breath. "Seriously, what the fuck dude? I shit myself."

He frowned at my language but decided against commenting on it, probably just to give me a relief on the many pressures of starting a whole new school in a whole new country.

"Well, it couldn't have gone well if you got detention first period," he said, changing the topic back to his opening sentence. "Looks like you've got another hour with me. Lucky you, eh?"

"Shut up," I blushed, "it wasn't even my fault!"

"Of course it wasn't," he said unconvincingly. I opened my mouth to argue how it totally wasn't (because everyone lies from time to time) but then he cut me off with a hand. "Save it for when we get into my office. I wanna hear all about your first day."

Cue stomach butterflies. What? He's taking an interest in me. Yeah, it's probably something any decent member of staff would do but, hey, let me have my thirteen year old girl moments.

Gerard started leading me away, avoiding the rush of students by carefully going up some random staircase I hadn't yet discovered.

I sighed at nothing in particular, following closely behind him up the stairs, since his legs were far long than mine and my little ones struggled to keep up with his. Our footsteps echoed in the silent extensive corridor as we finally reached the top of the spiral and I instantly recognised it as the corridor to Gerard's office.

He walked straight up to the door, unlocked it and led us both in. I was more than familiar with the room by now and I comfortably took a seat opposite his.

"So," he said, sitting down with a loud creaking noise coming from his desk chair, "are you gonna tell me why you got detention this morning?"

Gerard was cool for the most part and he seemed a lot like a normal guy, maybe like a friend to me, but then he went all teacher on me and it got annoying - Now was one of them times.

"Do I have a choice?"


"Then I was late."

Technically, I wasn't lying, so my moral standards and ethics (not like I had any, especially within the lying department) remained totally unscathed.

"Why? What were you doing?"

Ugh, more questions.

"I got lost?"

"Save the bullshit, Iero. Let me guess? Doing your hair?"

I was taken aback by the snappiness and strength of his words spoken, but more so the fact that he could read me so easily. I wasn't exactly a mysterious kid, but then again I wasn't some open book for everyone to look through.

"I'm taking your silence as a yes," he smirked after a whole of silence on my part. "Your hair looks fine, Frank. It's cute, y'know? It's a bit long but, if you can't tell, I like length," he tugged at a chunk of his own long black hair. "But, if you're really unhappy with it and your schoolwork is suffering with it, I guess I would be doing what any respectable member of staff would do if I offered you a nice haircut?"

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