********************Chelsea’s POV********************

The tears wouldn’t stop. I couldn’t even pretend to understand his text in the slightest. I only knew that I needed to find him because I wasn’t even sure it was Keyan who had sent the text. I needed to see him. I needed to know he was okay and more importantly, if it had been him who sent that text, I was going to demand an explanation. My heart was screaming, and as I walked out of the hospital, and the light flooded my eyes, I realized that I was crying. I heard Layla’s voice before I saw her, but I didn’t want to answer her questions of how I was feeling. I only wanted her to get me to where he was.

“Layla, can you get me to the Cliffton building?”

“Of course, sweetie,” she smiled at me, “I can’t believe he left you to work!”

I didn’t offer her an explanation. I didn’t even have one for myself yet. I only knew I was going to get one and I hoped it was one that I could deal with. I had told him I loved him. I had opened my heart to him, and if it was that easy for him to throw it back in my face through a text, then I would be completely done with him and New York. The old Chelsea, I could tell, was starting to become buried and was being replaced by a bolder, fierier one who wasn’t afraid anymore.

When we got to the office building, I stepped out of the limo without waiting for Layla. I heard her call my name before the elevator door closed, but I still didn’t stop to wait. The elevator climbed to the floor of the office that Keyan had taken me to before and I stepped off the elevator heading in the direction of where I thought his office likely was. As I reached for the door, it opened and a blonde-haired girl with a way-too-short-and-tight-for-business dress plastered onto her body stepped out of it and as she stepped past me, I could tell that she smelled of sex. I scowled in disgust as a hint of jealousy also rose up inside of me and I wondered which of the brothers she had been with and hoped it wasn’t Keyan. She didn’t look like his type, but I honestly wasn’t sure of anything at that point.

I stepped through the door shaking that thought from my head and I looked through the glass to my right and my heart leaped when I recognized Keyan sitting facing away from me at a table in his father’s office along with 3 other men, who I realized were the same men who had been at the party the other night and had also been in Florida. I pushed through the door and as I did, I caught the attention of Gerald and the other younger gentleman who was sitting across from Keyan. When he smiled, I realized he was the man I had been dancing with the other night. I believed his name was Jerrod, but I wasn’t positive, and it really didn’t matter to me one way or the other, but the way he was staring at me made me feel more than slightly uncomfortable. I pushed my way through the inner door and this time I gained the attention of the other older man and Keyan who sat back in his chair and glanced back at the intrusion. The shock on his face made me angry and I spoke with no attempt in holding back my anger, “I need to speak to you alone!”

He glanced across the table at the other man who was still staring at me before he spoke to me with little emotion in his voice, “I thought I made myself clear in that text. I don’t have time for a petty relationship at this point in my life, and honestly, that one time was enough. I thought about it all morning and I have decided it wasn’t exciting enough for me to keep you around for another round, so as you can see, I am in the middle of a meeting, and your interruption has little reason. Excuse us, kitten?”

The tears stung in my eyes, but he didn’t even notice, or if he had, he didn’t care, and at that point, I realized it had been him who sent the text, and I had once again been a blind little fool to believe any words out of his mouth. He did share Gerald’s DNA and as far as I was concerned he was an exact replica of him just like his brothers.

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