We woke up and looked at the clock, 8. Magcon started at 10 so we had 2 hours. Mahogany got ready while me and Cassidy tried to pick what to wear. I threw on a cute top and shorts and Cassidy did same. Mahogany wore cute ears and a lock necklace. by the time we actually were ready to head down it was 9:30 so I grabbed my Magcon t-shirt and we all walked down.

"So Cassidy how are you and Hayes?" Mahogany smiled and Cassidy was explaining that things were good.

"So Katie are u and Matt goin out anytime soon?" asked Mahogany and I shrugged.

"Probably, not we are just friends"

"Ok!" they both said laughing.

We got to the part if the hotel where Magcon was being held and we talked to the boys. i saw Matt and wanted to go talk to him but i was to nervous. why am i all of a sudden scared to talk to him? idk, but i feel like something has changed because it was just us. i walked over to Taylor and Aaron because they are like my favorite, besides Matt.....

we chated and people started coming and walking in line. i stould by Matts station thingy because i was his "guest". many many people were in line to see him, it kinda made me jelouse. omg what am i saying? i dont like him, i feel like i cant. maybe thats why im too afraid to be with him, i like him so much and it feels so wrong. why must he be so lovable?

once the meet and greet was over we walked to the stage where they perform. the night was awesome they performed flights and distance and paradise. then Taylor sang buckwild. they started doing some stuff and i even got on stage........ and did nothing.........lol

me, Mahogany, and Cass went to our room.

"cool magcon, one of the best i have to say" Mahogany said

"ya i have never been to Magcon so it was fun" i said

"me neather" said Cassidy

"i think im going to go to another sometime" i smiled and thought that another wll be fun.

we got on our pajamas and hoped into bed. we left tomorrow to North Carolina, then Virginia.

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