Chapter 4- Backwards Time

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The next thing I remember is we were holding hands on the couch and he pushes my hair out of my face. Pete then said," Trust is the key to success."

I said," Not when your dealing with Charlie."

Pete replied," Don't think about him right now. He's not your problem anymore."

I smirked and shook my head," Your such a peace maker. You can't deal with problems when your happy."

He said,"  That's because being happy means your happy and not stressed."

His shaggy black hair started to get into his eyes. He pulled me into his chest as I still was unsure. I couldn't be with Pete. It wasn't right, I had known it. Joe and Ricky were waking up at the moment and had started packing to go away for the night. I was on the verge of going back into the monster Charlie had trained me to be. So when they left that morning I remember that there wasn't anything for me to do but leave Pete alone at my condo. So I went out for the night and found a few campers on the outskirts of town. They were all alone so it's their own fault. They were a couple, about 40. I knew I was going to hell when I died so what's the point anymore of thinking its so wrong to kill a human? I had killed millions before anyway. I showered at a rest stop before heading home, I didn't want Pete to get any urges.

As I was walking home soaking wet, Charlie appeared in front of me. He slowly got closer to me as I was frozen." Your all alone in the middle of the night with the sent of human blood, sounds like old time huh?"

I was getting mad," You don't scare me anymore and you know that."

" I might not scare you, but Pete certainly is scared of me. Your fear now is yourself." Charlie spoke with a sly.

"Where did you find me Charlie?" I said trying to show how lifeless my emotions truly were.

" You think you can hide from me?"

"No, I think that you will leave me alone."

"Well, how wrong would that be? Do you even know me at all?" Charlie smirked as his friends appeared next to him," You have a week until I meet you at your condominium. Then your time's up." Just like that Charlie left. So I left also.

I walked into my condo and saw Pete standing there in the doorway as if he already knew what had happened. I didn't tell him what happened though. I never told him. "What's wrong?" was all Pete said to me as I took my first step into the entry way.

"Nothing..." was all I could take out of my mouth.

The next morning Ricky, Joe and Mike came back as we started doing more intense things to turn Pete back human. Not everyone makes it after doing this, but he seems strong enough. He's so strong Charlie wants him as one of his men.

One afternoon I was just sitting reading a book looking for another thing that we have to do before the change when I heard a knock at the door. I opened it and saw my old friend Jared. He was a vampire who only ate animal blood and somehow has still survived off of that stuff. He was a minister among the Humans which seemed a bit ironic to me. " Hey, what are you doing here?" He was bitten at an older age so he was stuck in a 40 year old body, which is rare to come upon.

"I heard that there's a Young Blood who's trying to become human again, where else would I be?" He said. He was wearing all black and a mafia hat, his signature look. He had all white hair and pretty white skin. I've seen people turn many times and normally their hair turns black and they turn all dead looking, but Jared wasn't like that, he had almost an angel look about him. The only un angelic thing about him was his outfit.

"Your going to help?" I thought for a second and said," wait... where did you find out about this?"

He looked at me bluntly," Charlie told me to help you."

I turned around to make sure that no one else heard that. " Okay but you can't tell anyone that it was Charlie who told you."

Jared walked in all casual and said hi to Joe, Mike and Ricky. Pete seemed territorial. "He's here to help." I whispered into Pete's ear. He nodded uneasily.

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