Chapter 8

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Me and Taylor woke at the same time, literally. It was great. I loved him so much. He kissed me, and then got up to go get cameron.

I heard him yell "WHAT THE FUCK!"

I got up and ran out of the bedroom, and towards him. When I got his side, he was standing in front of the bunks. The one bunk had the curtain open and there was a figure of 2 people under the covers, like they were hiding.

"Is that-" I was cut off by Anna giggling. "Did they-" Taylor was cut off by cameron yelling "YES ME AND ANNA HAD SEX!" Those words pierced me, only because i remember cameron telling me about how he was so in love with Anna and he wanted to marry her, and have their first time together on their honeymoon.

I walked away shocked and then I felt someone grab my arm. It was Taylor when I turned around. "Where are you going?" He asked. "To get ready for this party."' I said quietly.

Taylor knew something was wrong, but he also knew I would never tell him. I kept things to myself a lot. To me it made things easier, until I would finally break down and throw a tantrum.

I continued walking to my room, I heard someone jump off the bunk and run toward me and I just continued walking. When i got to my room I started cleaning. I clean when I am mad. Only 2 people new that, My mom, and.. Anna.

I turned around to find her standing in the doorway. "Why are you mad?" She asked. "I'm not?" I lied.

It was actually partially true, I wasn't mad, I was upset. "Please tell me you don't like cameron.." Anna asked. "Oh my god! No!" I said sternly. "Oh... Then you're jealous that I had sex before you!" She said. She acted like she was rubbing it in my face, like it was some game, Who could lose their virginity first. I just lied and held it in.

"Sure, whatever you say." I told her. I didn't want to start a fight so I just grabbed my clothes, a towel, and when to the bathroom to get a shower.

There was no point in getting a shower since we were all going to a beach party, but I didn't care. I just needed to escape.

I got in the shower, and heard the door open. "Anna I'm fine!" I said. No one answered. It was taylor. "Are you okay?" He asked me. "Yes." I replied. "If you're feeling pressured to have sex because everyone else is, don't." He said. "Do it when you're ready, and when its with the right person." He told me. "When you're ready, I'm ready." He said to me. I got teary eyed when I peeked my head out from the shower curtain. He came over towards me and cupped his hands around my face. His thumbs wiped my tears away, I smiled at him and he kissed my forehead.

After that, he left. I continued showering and then got out. I dried myself off, got changed into my bikini, with black yoga shorts and a black crop top with a red lip mark design on the front.

I dried my hair and spiral curled it. I put makeup on as well because I don't know if I'll go into the water or not. I walked out of the bathroom and grabbed my flip flops. I walked down the hallway and into me and Anna's room. She was sitting on Cameron's lap dry humping him. Didn't they just fuck? Damn.

I grabbed my phone and head out of the bus. Taylor was right behind me all ready in his swim trunks and ty-dye muscle t-shirt. Anna and cameron were following us. The beach party was literally 1 block away.

We got there, Anna and cameron went straight to these beach tents for couples. There were millions.

Taylor saw the way I watched them and he grabbed my hand. I walked with him over to where people were playing volleyball. Me and Taylor joined in, I was horrible and Taylor was actually good!

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