(Adriana on side)

 ** VAL'S POV **

I sat quietly, letting the words he had said sink in. I felt confused, mad, and scared. No--not scared. Terrified. The words kept replaying themselves in my head to a point where they tasted funny coming out of my red lips. 

I killed  her. I killed Val.

But he didn't. I was more than sure that I was alive, here, holding my breath as each minute passed by, neither my confusion nor fear fading within the numbered seconds offered. 

"Parker..." I whispered, gently shaking him. I still discussed in my head weather I wanted to tell him what I heard or not. If I didn't, it would be something to hold against him when the time is right; it will be something hidden in my fake smiles when I notice him doing something slightly suspicious. It will help me decipher this mess...but then again, telling him might gain me a reasonable explanation to his dream, or vision... or whatever the hell that was. But he might also realize I found out his secret, or plan, and kill me right there and then. I tensed, but still managed to shake him lightly. 

He wouldn't kill me. At least not now... not with Shane less than a couple of feet away and Jordyn and Chris next to him, peacefully sleeping, in their heads sleep the only thing Parker was experiencing right now. Oblivious to the actual situation. Oblivious to a lie that Parker was clearly hiding from everyone. Oblivious to the betrayal that was suddenly obvious before my eyes. Oblivious to the truth that Parker was lying the whole time, his evident goal to kill us all-- or at least contribute in the action of doing so along with others. 

But I couldn't let him. Correction-- I won't let him.

What I didn't know was that I was oblivious, too. Oblivious to the fact that Parker had been sorry in his vision, and that he didn't mean to kill me if that's what his actions had been inside the parallel world he seemed to be caught up in. 

Too bad the concept of oblivion is something not many please. Too bad it happens anyway, too bad it can cause pain, heartbreak, confusion, puzzlement, and maybe as experienced sooner or later in my case...death.


"Parker," the soft voice that I longed to hear woke me, and the nightmare slowly faded, only to reveal worried brown eyes settling into mine. Val. Why was she awake?

"Hi." I managed to get out, my voice raspy and dry. I needed water. Now. 

Valentina seemed to have read my mind, since she was up on her feet trying to look through the bags we had found in the past two days. 

The nearly worn-out fire was burning, causing a dim light to ensure our vision. Val had begged us-- more like begged me-- not to light it, since it might be easier for other competitors to find us that way, but I didn't pay her attention. I just knew everything would be alright. 

I guess I have to learn not to trust my gut sometime soon or else things won't end up pretty.

I guess the sensation is brainwashing and makes your decisions biased.

"Here," she handed me the metal cylinder carefully, studying my features slowly, her actions bringing drips of sweat to my forehead. Did she hear me? Obviously, that's why she woke me up. 

Like duh. 

Oh no. Why am I thinking like a rich, spoiled, 17 year old girl? 

This is bad.

I drank up the water, pushing away my unrelated thoughts and weird assumptions that had begun to develop in the back of my mind. 

What in this world was wrong with me?

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