Chapter 9

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I look up and see him.... I stand up and give him a big hug. I've missed him so much! "omg austin!" my best friend in the world austin mahone . well besides matt and them. "hey Cassie bear." he says. "what are you doing here?"

"I have a concert tonight and I came to the beach before the concert to chill. what's wrong?" he asks.

He sits next to me and I fill him in through everything about 45 minutes later I'm done. "oh my gosh cass I'm sorry." he says hugging me. "Thanks." I say.

"Well how about we go and see the others?" he says standing up and helping me. "sure they'd love to see you!!" we walk back to matts house. and when we get there I open the door and I'm engulfed in hugs.

"Guys! can't breathe here!" I say laughing. "sorry!" they all say. then mad is like "oh my god why is austin mahone here?" I laugh and say "he's a good friend of mine."

"Oh" is all she says. I can say she's freaking out on the inside. We all hang out before austin had to leave.

After he left we all just talked, played games and hung out. It was getting late and I had to get up early because of our girls day. I yawned and said "I'm going to sleep night guys!" "night cass!!" they all said giving me a hug.

I walked upstairs to matts room, I changed into one of his magcon sweatshirts and yoga shorts. I sat on his bed and just started thinking.


Cass went upstairs about 10minutes ago. "I'm going upstairs night guys." "night." they all say. I walk upstairs and see cass on my bed. "hey babe." "Hey." She says. "what's wrong?" "nothing." she said. "oh sure." I said pushing her over. "oh you want to play that game?" she says.

"Yeah let's go Dallas." "oh it's on Espinosa." We started wrestling when someone knocked on the door and said "USE PROTECTION!!!" it was taylor.

"Were wrestling!" cass yelled. "hmm sureeee." he said. we messed around and soon layed down. she had her head on my chest and I wrapped my arms around her.

"Night babe." "night matty!" she closed her eyes and fell asleep. I kissed her forehead and said "I love you cass."


I closed my eyes and then matt kissed my forehead and said he loves me... that made my stomach flip.


I got up and grabbed my phone I had to go to my house and get clothes. "where you going?" matt said sleepily. he just woke up and his morning voice>>>😍

"I have to go to the house and get clothes I'll be back." "no I want to come with you!!!" he whined. "fine let's go!" "yay!" he said getting up and putting his vans on.

We walked out of his house and walked to mine. we went inside and I petted jake and Matt messed with him while I went up to my room....

I open the door and it's everywhere.. I hurry and grab my stuff and take pictures of it and walk to cams room.

I bang on the door and yell "CAM OPEN UP!" he opens the door and says "yes?" "WHAT THE FUCK!!" I yell. "what?" "don't act like you don't know!! your girlfriend vandalized my room!"

"She would never do that!" "oh cut the shit cam and look in front of you!!! she's a fake bitch!!! who's using you for fame."

"No she's not cass your just angry!" "forget it cam I'm done with this I can't handle it I'm literally done! I hate you!" I say with tears in my eyes. I grab my stuff and walk downstairs and see the bitch herself....


I was playing with jake when Olivia walks up to me... ew. "what." I say. "what I can't talk to my boyfriends friends?" "no you can't I'm sorry." I say harshly.

"Well your girlfriend is so ugly you could do way better." no she didn't. "shut the fuck up before you regret it." I say clenching my fists. "leave my boyfriend alone bitch." cass says.

"Oh we were just talking." "well go talk to cam he's loves you so fucking much." she says. "Oh I will honey don't worry." she says.

"Whatever bye bitch." cass says taking my hand and we walk outside and go back to my house.

We got back to the house and we went up to my room.


I sat down and started crying. I couldn't hold it in anymore I just couldn't.


Cass sat on my bed and started crying. "babe what's wrong?" "matt my relationship with cam is ruined." "no it's not." "matt did you see what she did to my room?" "what did she do?" she showed me her phone and there was slut, whore, go kill yourself, and die written over almost everything.


I walked in her room and saw that slut, whore, go kill yourself, and die written over almost everything. That's it.

"OLIVIA!!" I yelled. "yeah babe?" she said. "don't call me babe." "what's wrong?" she asked. "don't play innocent with me!!" i said. "I'm not." "oh sure I KNOW YOU DID THAT TO CASS' ROOM!" I yelled.

"Maybe I did maybe I didnt." she said. "GET OUT!" I yelled. "but cam with out that slut here we can be with each other." she said.

"SHES NOT A SLUT SHES MY SISTER AND I LOVE HER!!" I yelled. "whatever cam but you will miss me and oh don't think I'm not done with cass I'm just getting started." she said smiling.

"Touch her and I swear to god it won't be pretty." I say clenching my fists. "oh I wouldn't want to touch her I have people that will." she said walking out.

I couldn't believe it! My sister hated me and it's all my fault. I got up and went to cass room to clean up all the stuff.

I sat down and cried I just couldn't handle cass hating me. I'm her older brother. I need to be there for her and protect her.

I grabbed my phone and called nash. and explained everything to him.


I got up and got ready for the girls day.

I had on a floral Mickey crop top, blue jean shorts, and black vans. my hair was curled down my back.

I walked downstairs only to see cam and the others. this can't be good I thought.

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